The Voice from the House…

24 January 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hello, my name is Lesha and I live in a town in North Carolina where I’ve been all my life. The story I’m sharing is something that happened to me while visiting my grandmother house.

One day on a warm spring day my two daughters and I went to see my grandma. I rang The doorbell and as I’m waiting for her to answer, I hear her make a sound she makes to let you know she is coming. Well, we’re waiting for her to come open the door, but she never did. I figured she must be using the restroom as to why she hasn’t made it to the door. So I tell My daughters we will just go to the gym, the gym is right across the street from her house. So, as we’re leaving and cross the street, I hear her call my name, but I don’t See her on the porch. I just see the screen door is ajar and she is asking me where I’m going? I answer and tell her we’ll be right back we’re just going to go see who’s in the gym. She responds ok and the conversation is over.

My daughters and I go to the gym and we are there no more than 15 minutes at most. We leave and head back to my grandmas house only to see her in a car with my uncle and his family. I ask Grandma, where are you going? She responds … “ where am I going ? You mean where have I been?” I hear This and I’m like no, I just told u a few minutes ago I was going to the gym and I’d be back so where are you going? She gets out the car and looks at me and says. “I’ve been at Walmart with (her son and family) and you didn’t talk to me!

I’m frozen and my girls are also as we really did talk to her before going to the gym or so we thought. She called my name and asked me where I was going. I was lost for words because if that wasn’t my grandma, who the flip was I talking to? Who called my name? Who sounds just like my grandma?

As we go inside, I’m a little skeptical and so are my girls and my cousins now. So my grandma looked at me and asked. Did someone really sound like me and ask you where you were going? I said Yes, they did.

I still Don’t know who I spoke To that day but my grandma really wasn’t home at the time I rang The bell and walked away. Her house has always bothered me. Her house is haunted and I have Many more stories I’d like to share.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Lesha Smith


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