Ghostly Orbs

27 January 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

Last year, I travelled to see my friends Ali and Ronnie. As I was to spend the night, I had to clear the junk piled up on the couch and floor. They are kind of hoarders. Anyway I really got into the cleaning. I relocated a bunch of stuff to the rear of the room and in doing so, I found two computer monitors which I placed on top of two file cabinets, one directly facing me. I then vacuumed the red carpet really good, leaving nothing on the carpet.

The next morning I woke up and noticed two walnuts on the carpet. I am positive that no one had been in the room. As I was sitting there thinking about the walnuts, I looked up at the computer monitor in front of me and saw a steady stream of orbs traveling across the screen right to left. They were different sizes and traveled at different speeds, some were real bright and others dim. Not believing what I was seeing I called Ronnie. He sat down next to me and was stunned to see the orbs. I forgot to tell you that the monitor was NOT plugged in!

We sat for the next hour and a half watching this strange display. I finally had to go even though the orbs were still traveling.

Ronnie did tell me that they had experienced quite a few ghostly things.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Cindy Anderson

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