The Forest Demon

28 January 2020 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was 15 and I remember it was around the beginning of October. I had just had dinner and decided to go wonder around outside since we lived in a subdivision that borders cornfield and forest there was always a lot to do. I wondered into a mowed field hoping to see a buck since they often hung out there in the afternoons eating leftovers from the harvest. My brother and I always tried to outdo each other by finding a buck with the most points on his antlers. So before I knew it, I had wondered out pretty far and I was surprised that I hadn’t seen a single deer or rabbit anywhere which was strange, so I decided to head back.

As I turned around there was something black in the tree line that quickly caught my attention. It looked like a man in a gorilla costume or something at first. It was grabbing at the branches of a bush and intently looking at them so it didn’t notice me at first. My second thought was that it was hunting season and I wasn’t wearing an orange vest like I usually did and I needed to let this person know I was there, so I didn’t accidentally get shot. I yelled out at it and waved my arm hello and it stopped and stood perfectly still. I was about 50 feet away from the tree line where it was but it was staying so still now that I began to squint and look really hard to see what he was doing. Then as the sun shown down, I saw the dark red in the hairs all over it and the face with it’s black empty looking eyes staring back at me and I suddenly realized this was no hunter in a moss suit. This was some type of animal/man thingy and I was alone in a cornfield about 3/4 of a mile from my home with this thing.

I picked up a clump of mud and tossed it towards the creature without thinking and yelled at it to go! That’s when this thing moved for the first time as the clump of mud landed feet in front of it and it stood up looking very menacing and I realized it had been squatting down all this time and it was scary how tall it was. My heart was beating so hard and I knew I’d never outrun it if I ran as fast as I could but I had no options. It let out a horrible scream just then that rumbled in my chest like bass from a speaker and it turned and began to recede into the forest screaming the entire time.

I don’t know why but I quietly followed to the edge of the woods to try and get a better look as it walked away and by the time I reached the entrance, it had already made it back up the deep incline and was well on the other side. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It must have known I was watching because it stopped and turned its upper body and looked me in the eye for a moment. Its face was a grey color and its eyes were large and black but the nose was almost pig like and the evil looking grin was so knowing and intelligent. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Then I heard a strong voice say “don’t follow me “ but the creatures mouth didn’t move at all? Shocked by everything I turned and ran as fast as I could losing my shoe in the mud by never stopping till I was inside my house and I ran to my mom and began telling her to call the police because I had just seen an apeman as I called it.

My grandmother calmly laughed and that’s when our entire trailer was picked up on one side and it shook back and forth a few times before it was dropped back down. My mom was was on the floor and so were most of the things on the wall and a loud screaming was coming from right outside the window in the bedroom nearest the cornfield. When it stopped everyone stayed quiet and nobody spoke for awhile. My grandma was the first to break the silence and she told me she believed I had seen and lead home something her and her siblings called a forest demon.

Years before, there was a large log cabin on that property where she lived in growing up. They were all hunters back then so she was very familiar with the woods around the area and she said they all knew where they could and couldn’t go because those things were in specific areas of the forest and were capable of great evil. Her family home had burnt down a few years before that’s why we were living in a trailer at that time on the property. My mom did end up calling the police that day and they found the tornado straps that trailers have in Indiana that are concreted into the ground, had been ripped in half. They were kinda amazed at that and took pictures.

That same month in Rockville Indiana a few teenage boys were in a car and one was almost pulled out his window by something they all described as a gorilla looking thing. Rockville is only about a 20min drive from where I lived.

Submitted by Jennifer Gosnell

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