A Night at my Cousin’s House…

29 January 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was late August 2008. My mom decided we would go over to my cousins house in California for the weekend. My mom’s sister had 2 other daughters – one was older than me and her name was Meena and the other younger daughter who was almost my age, which was 12 at the time called Tameena. We all were into ghosts and creepy things and we all had the feeling that the house was haunted. Things would move on their own, toys would come on randomly at night for no reason, stuff would go missing and then be found somewhere else, typical ghost stuff.

One night, we decided it would be a good idea to try and maybe summon the spirit or at least try to get in contact with it, so we searched the web and food a site that had black magic rituals and spells. We all decided to give it a try. I’m not sure exactly what the spell was but as far as I remember we had to light a candle and sit in a circle around and and chant some type of mumbojumbo – I don’t remember. It seemed pretty silly at the time. After a good 10 minutes of nothing, we all decided to quit and call it a night. Later in the night, while I was sleeping upstairs I decided to go downstairs to get some water since I was thirsty. As I got down stairs, I thought I heard whispering and assumed either Meena or Tameena were downstairs too. As I called out to them I got no response and when I got to the kitchen, no one was there, this creeped me out a bit and I decided to pour a glass and get back upstairs as soon as I could. After finishing my glass, I left it on the counter and began to turn around to go back upstairs when I heard a shuffling behind me and right as I turned around the glass was flung off the counter and I heard a deep man’s voice yell NO! Saying I was terrified was an understatement, I ran faster than I have ever ran before yelling for my mom. As I ran, I swear I felt and heard something chasing me, like a pounding of feet behind me. Luckily my mom and everyone else in the house rushed over to see what was going on. My mom could see I was visibly shaken and I told them what happened and my mom thought it was best for us to go home.

I never went back to that house again. My cousins and I stayed in contact and every once in a while they said they would hear foot steps walk around up and down the stairs like someone wearing cowboy boots…they moved 2 years later and have had no problems since. As for me, I still hate the dark and can hear that man yelling no at me…god, I hate that house.

Submitted by Ray Wahab to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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