It Visits Me!

03 March 2020 | Audible Activity, precognition, Precognition, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is all based on Very true and very real experiences. I have been visited by an entity since I was 2, almost 3 years old. I am currently 29 years old, but I can still remember most things that happened to me from a very early age.

I have fond memories of year 2 in my life, and memories not so great. That’s when I saw it for the very first time. I know we were living in a condo-style apartment in a high-rise building right on the beach front of Durban, South Africa. I complained to my mother that I really wasn’t feeling well and I cried. My mother (getting really impatient with me because she was rather busy and also had my whining 4 year old sister) finally lost her calm and ordered me to go sleep right away. I remember crying, going to bed and laying down. I woke up and everything was dark.

I have woken up in the middle of the night. Everybody else was asleep. I felt better. I wanted to tell my mom. I was happy about it. I walked to my parents’ room and saw my mother and father sleeping on the bed. I stood over her and started telling her that I felt better. She was still asleep. I kept on saying “mommy” to wake her up. All of a sudden I heard a continuous knock on their window.

There were no curtains or covering the window (we were rather poor). I looked at the window and saw a skull. Clear as as daylight. Underneath this skull was more bones knocking on the window. It wasn’t hands. Just thick ended bones as though the hands were removed and it was trying to knock with whatever it had. I got really scared and resumed to wake my mother up, this time pushing her shoulder. She woke up very annoyed. I told her “there’s something at the window” and she just replied with “go sleep!”. I tried waking her again… “There’s something at the window!” I started crying and panicking. I was scared. My mother shot up and looked over at the window. It was gone.

Shortly after my father passed away (murdered). I don’t know exactly how long (days or weeks, or even months it was).

I saw this thing again in a dream when I started University. It was banging on a coffin. I don’t know who it was inside. In the same week my grandmother passed away. This was my father’s mother.

I saw it once more while lying in bed. In the corner of my bedroom in the dark, I distinctively saw this skull with its blunt bones beneath it, appearing and disappearing again very quickly. It was as though it wanted to make an appearance, to say something, or show something. By this time, still scared out of my wits, I knew someone was going to die. As if it wanted to tell me that. The reason I knew this was because that’s what happened every time I saw it. Soon after my uncle (my father’s twin brother) died of heart attack.

This thing, or entity, or whatever it is, feels like it still lingers around me. I truly can feel it. I don’t like it and I fear it. I want it gone.


Submitted by Tjaart Pretorius

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