Calling a Ghost

04 March 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

As a child, I lived in an historical neighborhood that was built in the early 1900s for employees working for a nitrogen company about 15-20 miles away. Nothing particularly scary or ominous about the house, never had strange experiences except for one night.

We were in the process of painting my room, so my bed was in the middle and no other furniture save my nightstand. It’s the middle of summer, I live in southern Arizona and it’s very hot and most homes have swamp coolers (evaporative cooling), so I only have a sheet for covering. I’m lying on my back, arms outside of the sheet by my sides.

I suffer from insomnia, so I was still wide awake and suddenly feel a warmth grow by my shoulder. I can tell that it’s large as well. Ever so slowly, I feel it slide down my arm, over my hand, and begin to interlace between my fingers. Trying to hold my hand. I swat it away and instantly the warmth is gone, nothing lingering. Rationalizing, I think it might be a tarantula. I flip on the light switch and nothing. Nothing under my bed or the empty corners of the room.

I’ve always believed I had some sort of perception for the paranormal. After that experience, I did my best to create a barrier between myself and anything ghosty. However, curiosity got the best of me. One night, after everyone had gone to bed, I laid awake, calling out (in my head) for something to show itself. I said I come in peace and to give me a sign. It took a couple minutes but I heard it.

Heavy footsteps beginning in the kitchen came quickly through the hallway and before it could make the turn into my room, called out instead “please stop, I’m scared. Please go away.” The footsteps stop ten feet from my door, pause momentarily and heads straight back to the kitchen.

I had never told my family about this until many years later at a function for my dad’s company, I was telling these stories to a partner in the company. My dad had overhead and said “you never told me about this, the house next door was actually the hospital for the employees.”

True story by D.L submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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