Dog Sitting Nightmare

16 March 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My story is about multiple paranormal incidents that occurred in a house where I dog-sit. So, I began dog/house sitting about 2 years ago and it is pretty great. I have lived in an apartment my entire life, so I was excited when I got to stay in a huge house all by myself, plus the money was amazing. The owner of the house, let’s call her B, has seen me grow up and has always been a kind and welcoming person who has shown us nothing but respect. B’s house was the first one I house-sat at and it was great, at first.

The first time I house-sat, I had to stay there for about 2 weeks which wasn’t bad. After the 3rd time I house-sat, I began to feel a completely different vibe from the house. I should mention that I’ve had multiple paranormal experiences throughout my life so I’m pretty good at feeling vibes from certain houses and people. The first experience that occurred at B’s house was during the morning while eating breakfast. To describe the setting, the living room, dining room, and kitchen all connect. So, I was sitting on a rectangle table facing my mom who’s back was towards the kitchen. Towards the right side of the kitchen, there is a doorway that leads to a hall. I was eating my breakfast when while I was staring at my mom, I saw a floating black bulk by the doorway just staring at us. My heart started beating like crazy, but when I looked at it, it was gone. I didn’t say anything because it could have been my imagination.

That night, my mom stayed with me since she knows I didn’t like being alone in that house. We slept in the smallest guest room because we felt more comfortable in there, even though we both barely fit on the bed. So, I fell asleep and around 3 am, I randomly woke up. I slept on the right side of the bed, so I was closest to the window. I swear I saw a black bulk fly across the window from the outside. The shares were down and closed and while there were trees around the outside, nothing blocked the window. It was so distinctive, it’s as if the shadow passed flying in a hurry. I struggled so much to fall back asleep. That following morning, same scenario, sitting on the table eating and I told my mom what I saw that night. She then proceeded to tell me that she woke up around 1 am and clearly saw a black bulk hovering at the foot of our bed, staring at us. I shit you not I got chills. She told me she wasn’t going to tell me because I am very sensitive to things like that, but after what I told her, she had to.

One of the last days dog sitting, I was alone in the evening. I was planning on feeding the dogs, packing my stuff and sleeping at my place and then I’d come back early the next day. Since I was alone, I wanted to quickly feed them, pack my stuff and get the hell out of there. I was okay during the daytime, but once it hit night, I couldn’t handle it. So, I started feeding the dogs about 30 minutes before sunset, that way I could also take them outside before leaving. After I was all ready to go, it began to get dark too fast. I had a glass bowl on the edge of the dining room table that I was going to take home. It was about 5 inches from the edge so I know it couldn’t fall off. I shit you not, I was standing in the kitchen putting some food away when the glass bowl slid from the table and shattered into tiny pieces. My heart began racing. I knew that I couldn’t leave glass everywhere, but the worst part is it was already getting dark outside. During the whole time I cleaned up, my heart was beating so fast. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t breathe, and I was panicking. After what seemed like hours, I managed to leave through the back door. I didn’t use the front door nor garage because the owner knows when the garage and front door is opened. She has one of the things where you can unlock the front door and garage with your phone. She makes it seem like she doesn’t know when I’m there, but with certain questions she asks, I know for a fact she knows when I’m there. Not to mention all the motion sensors in every room. So, I left the tv on and headed out through the back. There is a small gate that separates the backyard from where my car was parked, and I swear I couldn’t open the gate. I struggled for like 10 minutes trying to open it until I gave up. I should mention, the gate had a lock that was not closed so I could easily take it off and put it back without officially locking it. I panicked when I realized I had to go back in that house. I ran my ass through that kitchen and left through the garage, I didn’t care if she knew.

After that time, I did not house sit there for quite some time, until recently. When I got the text from B asking to house-sit, I began panicking and I only got 3 hours of sleep that night. The great thing was that it was just for the weekend. When my mom and I got to the house, we decided to stay in the bigger room, which also had a bigger bed, hoping it would make a difference. We brought my dog, Chuy, with us since he got along with B’s dogs and we didn’t want to leave him alone in our apartment. Everything went normal as usual and then we went to sleep. Once the lights went off, I was terrified. I could not close my eyes without feeling something moving around me, even Chuy couldn’t stay still. Every time I moved or if he heard a noise, he would move around like crazy. My dog is usually incredibly calm and for him to be this worked up was serious. I should mention, lately I’ve been having some problems sleeping and also very intense sleep paralysis due to a close friend passing away, so this could have also been an influence. Anyways, I decided to turn on the light next to me and try to sleep with it on. I was about to fall asleep, when I randomly woke up and saw a weird dark cloud forming. It could’ve been nothing honestly since I was sleeping and randomly woke up, but it scared me a little, so I decided to watch some Netflix. While watching a show, I knocked out. I had one of the worst dreams I’ve ever felt. I’ve felt sleep paralysis before and I always managed to wake myself once I realize what was going on, but this was on another level. I’m going to try to be a descriptive as possible, so it doesn’t get confusing.

So, in the dream, it was the exact same setting as in real life. My mom on the left side of the bed next to a closet and me on the right with a lamp and the door on my side. In my dream, I was sleeping and also having sleep paralysis. I was trying to wake myself in the dream in order to be able to wake myself up in real life. While I was in sleep paralysis in the dream, I knew something was outside of the door trying to get me, so the panic was extremely intense. I was screaming and shouting in my dream paralysis trying to get my mom to help me wake up. Out of nowhere, my mom wakes up while I was in my dream paralysis and drags me off the bed trying to wake me up in the dream. She’s shaking me like crazy, but I can’t get up. While my mom is shaking me, she’s screaming, telling me to wake up. Finally, I actually wake up in real life and my heart is pounding. I was completely out of breath and trying to analyze what the hell was going on. At the same time, my mom wakes up and looks at me and asks what was wrong. I told her my dream and she says, “it’s almost morning”. I look at the clock and its barely 1am. After that, I did not sleep at all. I spent the entire night trying out relaxing videos on YouTube to calm myself, but nothing worked. Every time I closed my eyes, I felt vulnerable and scared. I am 23 years old and have never had sleeping problems or felt like this until now. My mom woke up again around 4am and stayed up with me, going through her social media and talking about suspicious activity we saw on a camera we have at home. My mom got a call from a close neighbor friend and they began talking on the phone while I was watching shows. I noticed Chuy was finally able to sleep while we were up and had some noise in the room. Around 6am, I finally knocked out. I only got about 2 hours of sleep.

Since the following night was our last night there, we decided just to sleep at our apartment and go back early morning to be with the dogs. Now, my mother and I are extremely responsible people when it comes to everything we do. I love dogs and would never do anything to harm them, but I could not handle sleeping in that house. I have tried so many times, but nothing helps me feel safe. And it’s not like I can go up to B and be like “I can’t sleep in your house because it scares me”. While the money is good, it is just not worth the terrifying experiences I have had in that house.


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    1. 😳! That’s a quite unique phenomenon! Did the later questioned you why you left the house at that time? How did you respond?
      I know submitters usually don’t care to answer questions regarding their posted stories, but this is let you know I enjoyed your intriguing story!

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