The Alarm Clock

07 April 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Strange things happened in the old Victorian era house I grew up in. There was an often cold spot about a third of the way up the stairs. Strange noises could be heard from time to time. Lights and shadows could play tricks on you. Things would move; not float, but often an item would not be found where it was set down just moments before. Other things, too, but I won’t go into everything.

When I was a teen there was this one time when I was home alone. I heard the alarm clock in my parents’ bedroom go off in the middle of the day, which was odd. I got up off the couch and began ascending the stairs. About half way up, the alarm stopped. I thought nothing of it and returned to the living room. The alarm clock was a cheap digital one so I assumed it was broken or something.

A few moments later, the alarm clock goes off again. Once again, I take the stairs, but this time the alarm stops when I get to the top step. At this point I am freaking out. Is it just malfunctioning? Is someone in the house? Is something playing tricks on me?

I round the corner and head to my parents’ room, creeping down the hall. I am startled when the alarm goes off again for a brief moment but it stops as I reach their bedroom door.

There is no one in the room and not a soul in the house. I walk over to the night stand. To my surprise, and horror, the alarm clock is sitting there and is off. The cord wasn’t even plugged in.

I dropped the clock and ran downstairs and left the house. Although it wasn’t the last time I was in the house alone, it was the creepiest.

Originally submitted to Reddit by Betherbubbin

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