Ouija Nightmare

08 April 2020 | Haunted houses, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

With an absence of stories at the moment, I have been trawling Reddit looking for some good ones to post here. And I found this…. I think its very creepy and reminds me of why I do not like Ouija boards….

Back in 2013, my friends and I were bored one night and decided to make an ouija board. Always a good idea, right?

Well my best friend lives way out in the country about a 45 minute drive from the closest store, so there wasn’t much to do. We had spent the day hanging out watching movies, which we eventually got bored of. It was me, my best friend A, her boyfriend M, and his best friend B. I forget who’s idea it was to make the ouija board, but nonetheless, we all agreed.

Now before I go further, let me explain a few things about A’s house. When it was first built it only had one bedroom, and when her parents got the house they added on 3 more bedrooms and one more bathroom down a long hallway, past the original bedroom. This is important later. As I said, A is my best friend, so I’ve spent the night with her at her parents house several times. An entire summer actually, right after we graduated. About a year before we decided to make the ouija board. Her mom and dad had moved into an apartment in the nearest city for that year to be closer to their jobs and the school her siblings went too. Since they owned the house they had, A stayed behind. She was kinda scared, so I decided to stay with her later that summer because she was still uncomfortable living there alone, and still hadn’t gotten used to it.

I had been there about a week before this happened. We were in bed, and it was about 6 am. A was still asleep but I had been awoken by the sound of heavy footsteps through her house. Her bedroom was the original bedroom, and at the front of the house, so I could clearly hear footsteps coming from the kitchen and into the living room, headed right for her room. I tried waking A up, but she’s a deep sleeper and I couldn’t rise her before the footsteps reached her bedroom door. I was so scared, I remember holding my breath and listening, preparing for the door to open. For someone to come in and do God knows what.. but it never did. I laid there for hours just waiting. I never heard any retreating footsteps, and began to wonder if I had imagined it, or if there was actually someone standing just outside her door, just waiting for us to open it.. A finally woke up around 11 that morning. Before she could leave the room I told her about what I heard. And she froze. What she said next still gives me chills when I think about it. She said that for years she had heard the same footsteps and they always stopped right outside her bedroom.

One day in particular, she was home alone, it was around noon, and she was still in bed, having stayed home sick from school. Her parents were both at work, and she didn’t expect to hear anyone come home until 4 that evening. So when she suddenly heard heavy footsteps walking through the house, she became very alert, until she remembered her dad sometimes came home if he had a few free hours, for lunch or whatever. Maybe he was checking on her. She heard the footsteps approach her bedroom and she covered herself up since she was in only a T-shirt, and quickly fell back asleep. Later when her dad finally came home she asked him why he had come home earlier. And he said he hadn’t. Since then she has heard the same sequence of footsteps start and end in the same places in the house on numerous occasions. And sometimes at night, outside around the house. No one else ever heard it, until I did. We had a theory that maybe if there was a spirit there that it never went past her room because the rest of the house didn’t exist before they moved in..

Because of these experiences, that’s why we decided to try to find out if there really was a spirit living there with them. So anyways we made the ouija board messed around with it, but didn’t get any kind of legible response, until we all heard a loud bang somewhere in the back of the house. At that we stopped and decided to call it a night, thoroughly freaked out. A left with M and B to take them home. She drove a tiny car and all of us couldn’t fit, so I stayed behind. I was pretty nervous and decided to turn on some family guy to calm my nerves. In the middle of the opening credits the TV froze and started making this extremely loud high pitched buzzing noise. Now terrified, I quickly try to turn the TV off with the remote but it won’t respond. I then try unplugging it, but that doesn’t do anything either. Which scares me even more. How is that even possible? I finally decide to just go outside and wait for A to get back, I’m shaking and literally crying, convinced I’m going to die. So I go outside and start texting her blowing up her phone trying to explain what’s happening but I can’t type I was so shaken up. Then her dogs start barking at the living room door. And I don’t mean barking at the noise of the TV, they were viciously growling and snarling at the door like they could see something I couldn’t. Finally A gets back after 30 minutes or so, and we go back in the house. As soon as we walk in, it completely… Stops. The TV shuts off because I had left it unplugged. Luckily it was making such a loud sound that she had heard it too. I mean we could barely hear each other on the porch. Now, the TV doesn’t even go that loud so idk what enabled it to do so. And even stranger, it hadn’t done anything like that before.. or since.

Idk what caused such a thing.. but we both believe it was a demon or malevolent spirit of some kind. But something is definitely living there, something not human.


Originally posted on Reddit by xombabe

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