Shadow Parishioners at St. Andrews

09 April 2020 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Back in August of 2018, I started a second job at the church I attend. It was a weekend gig cleaning the school and the church. It started off pretty easy. I would come in early on Saturday morning in order to beat everyone there so I could clean without interference and then come in Sunday afternoon.

One Sunday afternoon, while cleaning the classrooms, I started hearing what sounded like a large crowd in the hallway. I looked out and saw no one. There were a couple teachers getting stuff ready for the next day, but nothing that justified the noise. This went on and off for the rest of the shift. I got a little spooked and I told my wife about it. She thought that perhaps I was spooking myself because I listened to so many paranormal podcast. I took her advice and listened to something else. Over the next few weeks this phenomenon continued. It didn’t matter if it was 5 in the morning or 5 in the afternoon. This was not an old building. Nothing creepy about it. It was a fairly new and “modern” looking church building. No cemetery or the likes.

One Saturday morning while cleaning the boys bathroom, I was wiping down the three faucets and when I got to the last one, suddenly the first faucet turned on. I was like what the #/×! Needless to say I never cleaned the boys bathroom so fast. Later that shift it was time to mop. I went and filled the mop bucket. I grabbed the mop and was ready to go. Just as I was about to leave the room the hose turned on. I was like hell no. I spoke into the air and said ” I ain’t got time for this leave me alone.” I crossed myself and finished the day. As time went on I never had another water faucet incident, but the strange noises continued.

As fate would have it a couple months later while cleaning the boys bathroom, I got the feeling that I was being watch. It was Saturday morning around 6ish. I turned around and saw a dark head peek around the corner. I jumped around and then a dark grey figure with a staticky outline ran across the bathroom and disappeared into the far wall. It was about the size of a 7 to 9 year kid. I nearly pooped myself. I took a break came back and quickly finished cleaning.

This wouldn’t be the last shadow person I would see here. Some time later at least couple of months later. I was ready to vacuum the hallway with a very large oversized vacuum cleaner, when I was ready to start when I looked at the end of the hall was a very large figure. Much like the one before this one was a dark gray with staticky outline. I guess it roughly about 6’5 and really fat. At this point I wasn’t scared; if anything I was more angry. I proceeded to just to my work with or without the spectre there. Whatever it was disappeared.

I never saw another shadow parishioner again. After that it was always noises and the feeling of being constantly watch. From time to time I would feel intense anger or malice following me. Towards the end of my time there on a late Friday night I came in to clean because of a wedding the following morning. I was finishing up with mopping the sanctuary. I looked up and through the glass windows of the door I saw a golden like lady walk from the navies towards the school hallway. I say a lady because she had long hair, feminine features and long flowing dress much like a wedding dress. At first I thought it to be trick lighting from a car driving by from the beltline, since it was around midnight. I followed her to a classroom. There was no way someone could open the doors because I had the keys. I went into the classroom and it was dark and when I turned on the light, no one was there. Strange, but yet not for this church.

After that I started delivering pizza, not because of the paranormal but better money for a second job.


Submitted by Eric Cymbalak

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