The Breathing Sounds from the Closet

14 April 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My parents lived in this house when I was growing up until 2005. The master bedroom had one of those closets with 2 sliding doors. My mom used to tell my Dad she could hear someone breathing in there, almost panting. My dad is a major non-believer in this stuff even when it’s real. For instance, we kept hearing something up in the attic and finally, he went up there to prove to us there wasn’t anything and it was a blackbird that got stuck up there somehow.

Anyway, for a while, I had to live with them after my divorce. They had gone up to their cottage up on Lake Huron for the weekend, and Mom was like you can sleep in our bed while we are gone. I had been sleeping on a cramped couch so I jumped at the offer. I’m laying there on Saturday night and all of a sudden I hear loud breathing coming from the closet. Just like Mom always said. (Keep in mind, the former owner died in that room). I get up and turn on the lights, I can still hear the panting. I open the closet door and look inside going through my parents’ clothes. Suddenly the whole room got so cold I had goosebumps. I hear what sounded like an old lady laugh.

All I can tell you is I noped the heck out of there and didn’t sleep in their room again.


Originally submitted to Reddit by Angelfox1


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