The Night Visitor

15 April 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The day after I had a heated argument with dad (I lived with dad after mum passed away), he packed his bag and walked out. I didn’t know where he went to. For more than 3 months, I was alone in the house with my cats and dogs as my companions.

I remember it was around 10pm, a month after dad left, I heard heavy footsteps walking up the stairs. I looked out of my bedroom window which facing the front of the house but I couldn’t see anything; it was pitch black. Then I heard the creaking sound of the front door slowly opened.

My dogs (usually pretty vocal when strangers come near my dad’s house) didn’t even make a noise so I was sure it was either my dad decided to come home or my brother who came to visit.

I stuck my head round my bedroom door, hoping to see either one of them but everything was dark and quiet. I noticed my cats were staring at the door and made hissing sound. One of them started scratching the wall between my room and the guest bedroom. I shut the door and cowered under the blanket; my heart pounding. The hissing got louder. As I was about to shush my cats, there was a couple of loud ‘thud’ coming from the room. I could hear my dogs whimpering under the house (it was a stilt house). My cats went quiet and their eyes staring at the wall. I looked at them and looked at the wall. There was nothing there. Then came another thud. I got up, went to the guest bedroom and pushed the door open; the room was in total darkness. Suddenly a horrible grunting sound emanated from out of nowhere nearly made me jumped out of my skin. I ran back to my room, slammed the door and covered my head with a pillow until I fell asleep.

I woke up early the next morning and went into the guest bedroom. It was empty. So what was the thud and grunting sound I heard that night?


Submitted by Anna Ferrar


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