Did the Bell Witch Visit Me?

24 April 2020 | Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

After a long day I settled in to watch my favorite show, Ghost Adventures. This particular night they were airing an episode regarding the Bell Witch Cave. I sat watching in anticipation as the cast ventured through the caves. Surprisingly I began to feel uneasy as if something was about to jump out the T.V.

At this time I was a single mother of two young boys, and was often forced to stay up long nights to have some peace and quiet and time to my self. Exhausted after watching the show, I travelled down the short hallway of my apartment to my bed. I climbed under the covers and settled in for a calm night’s sleep. The next thing I remember is hearing distant voices screaming and yelling for my help. I discovered it was that of my two children who lay sleeping in the bedroom next to mine. The voices kept screaming “Mom, help us”, “Mom save us, she is trying to get us.” In a panic I remember lying in my bed unable to move. My heart began to race and I desperately trying to get my body to make some sort movement to save my children. I lay there paralyzed unable to do anything but listen to the wails of my children. Suddenly, I saw what appeared like a shadow move over me. I then made out what looked like a girl, probably no older than 16, with long black hair and a white nightgown hovering over me. Her hair hung so low almost touching my face. I laid there in complete fear that this “being” or “spirit” was going to do me harm. I remember trying to claw at the covers and pull my way out while still hearing the faint sounds of my children in the distance. The girl laid there over me as if she was somehow pinning me to the mattress so I could not do anything but lay there. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I was able to pull myself out of the bed and rush to my sons’ door. I opened the door and saw both of them undisturbed laying sound asleep in their beds. Confused, I closed the door and walked back into my bedroom. I immediately flipped the light on trying to figure out what had just happened. Panicked I looked around for any evidence of the girl I had just seen, there was nothing. I got up the courage to turn the light off and lay back down, my mind racing, and tried to return to sleep.

To this day, the girl has never returned. I can only think that maybe somehow…the Bell Witch paid a visit to me that night. Since that day I have never been able to watch Ghost Adventures.

Submitted by Jessika Clayton to weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too


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