The Missouri Gargoyle

27 April 2020 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So my story is from about 10 years ago. We lived in Franklin county, Missouri. My cousin is like my brother and me and him were bored one night and so we decided to go see a movie the town. The theater was only about 6 miles from where we lived. There was a road that we use to take back and forth to the theater to avoid police because we were in our early 20s and it was the time fast and the furious was big and we drove like idiots everywhere. Point being it was a quicker route.

So it begins after we leave the theatre. I don’t recall what we went and seen but it wasn’t a horror film that would put us in that head space. My cousin isn’t a horror nut like I am. I’ll never forget what we saw that night. We are taking this road back home and it’s a windy, sometimes foggy, road but it was not foggy this particular evening. Also as a side note maybe unrelated to the story there is a very creepy rundown house at the end of this road. If anyone can recall the original X men movie and the way sabertooth jumps, it may be helpful in this story. He kind of just floats over without a spring in his leap much like the vampires from what we do in the shadows. Me and my cousin deemed this “the god hop” as a joke. So we are on the road and we see what is best described as a gargoyle-type creature hop over our car. This could not have been mistaken for a bird. It looked like Smeagal from Lord of the Rings, but it was one solid grey or black color with bat like wings. A very boney spine, a bald head and a triangle on the tip of its tail. The strange part was the creature’s wings never flapped it –  “god hopped” as previously mentioned.

It seemed to happen in slow motion. I would say me and my cousin drove another half mile before we even brought it up. I think it took us time to register what we had just seen. I mean he agreed he had seen it also. I never saw it again in that area or any area, but that will forever be in my mind. I was 21 when this took place and I’m 31 now and me and him still often talk about what we really saw that dark night on that windy farm road .


Submitted by Drew Blackbirch to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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