The Spirit who Wanted to Hang Out

01 May 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have A-L-O-T of stories of my encounters. Some I don’t remember but my parents would tell the weird stuff I said.  I have a spirit that was soooooo determined to hang out me. I didn’t know that’s what it wanted at first.

So my mom and stepdad lived in waynesboro PA, on like flint road or something related. And I would drive up to them visit them but every time I would have this feeling like I was being watched. I would catch it out of the corner of my eye. And yeah people say that it’s your mind playing tricks on you. Which it does. But this wasn’t it. I can tell the difference between the two. So I asked my mom and her neighbor if they knew about the previous owner. And all they knew was that he had two pit bulls.

I started feeling as this spirit was getting upset. I felt uncomfortable showering, and I ended up just sleeping with my door closed. For some reason it never went through a closed door. So I asked my mom’s neighbor if she had had any weird happenings. And she told me she only had one. And it was when she was showering, her door opened and closed and she thought it was her son or husband. But it was midday so she thought it was an intruder but she always kept her doors locked.

So Skip to another visit, I’m doing the dangerous job of assembling and replacing the shocks and struts on my car. Everyone is outside laughing having a good time. And I go down to the basement to get a tool. Suddenly the door violently slams shut. And I just feel a huge wave of anger. I’m a little freaked out because I’ve encountered spirits before but they never were able to slam a door that hard. So I talk to it. Like ” Hey man, I’m just trying to fix my car.”

So I go up the stairs and try to open the door but it won’t open. I wasn’t scared at this point – more annoyed. So I’m talking to it again “Ok, seriously? Just stop it. You’re not the first I’ve encountered. You need to make good choices. I have to go back out or else my everyone is going to come in and look for me.” After a minute I’m able to open the door. And so I leave the door open and say ” I’m  just gonna leave you down there, but turn the lights off when you’re done.” After 30 minutes, I go back in to get everyone drinks and the is door is closed. And I check and the light is off. I had already double checked, asked everyone outside had they been in the house while I was in the house, so now I was 100% confident it was the spirit.

Now on to the last encounter. My family were talking about how my stepdad got a contract job in Ohio so they had to move, that and one of his kids moved into the guest room where I usually stayed at. So this time I slept on the sofa. The house was silent and I’m trying to doze off and I can feel him. And I feel him close. I ignore it pretending that I don’t. Suddenly, mom’s all wood dining room set starts to crack. A lot, I hear a chair skooch. I still ignore it. A few hours later and you can bet your butt this spirit is not letting me sleep. Which SUCKED because I had to make a 4 hour drive and show up straight at work. (That was my fault. Poor timing). Suddenly *CRACK* and it was loud. And I jumped up and was heated “Oh. You had better not broke my mom’s chair. She German! She loves her wooden chairs!!” The chairs kept cracking and crincking. I was like ” F))k it! You’re not gonna let me sleep. Fine!” So I got some chips, turned on Netflix and watched Wilfred. I loved that series. After an episode or 2, the pillow on my step dad’s recliner fell off. And I just kept talking to it “So you like this show. Finally, I can never find anyone who likes this show.”

I don’t know if spirits can watch TV or not. Not a clue, but I started from season 1 episode 1 all the way to the beginning of season 3. And it was quiet. I look at the clock and I’m thinking OK. I have to at least get 30 minutes of sleep in. So I just say, “hey man I gotta get some shut eye in. I have drive straight to work. I work with autistic kids, I gotta build some energy up.” I turned off the T.V. I tuck myself in. About 10 minutes just as I’m dozing off. He starts with the damn chairs again. Now I’m really getting pissed. So I turn on Netflix and just let Wilfred play. The noise stops. I figure let him have Wilfred. I’ll just try to sleep with it playing. STILL NOT GOOD enough. I wanted to cry, seriously. So I ended watching until I had to head out and left Netflix running. My mom called me about it. It was my last visit to them at that house.

And that is my experience with the spirit who just wanted to hangout.

Submitted by Serena

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