12 May 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Back in 2011 I lost my best friend. My father. He passed away unexpectedly. So unexpectedly that he was taking my niece on spring vacation to Florida with my grandpa and stepmom and he got so sick within a week of being there that he had to go to the hospital. They narrowed it down to kidney stones… they did surgery and broke them down. He passed away on the table, they were able to revive him. That Sunday, my stepmom and niece went to see him in the hospital and he was fine at 10am.. He was supposed to get out and he wanted to come back to Indiana to see us. But the good Lord had other plans for my father. At 12 pm, Sunday my niece and stepmom went back to the hospital to visit him. They wouldn’t let them in the room as he had passed away from a heart attack. Later that day my uncle called my sister and had her tell us. I drove to her house with my brother and best friend. I was crying cause I thought it had something to do with my grandpa.

When we arrived, as soon as I stepped out of my car, she told me. My keys dropped to the ground. And I immediately ran to the side walk ( mind you it was sunny out and there’s no rain clouds in sight). I sat there and was yelling and screaming for my father and crying hysterically. I was a daddy’s girl and I was stubborn to admit it as I got older. But it was true and it will always be true. My best friend came and sat next to me comforting me and a random car of guys stopped and heard me yelling and crying they asked if I was okay. She said ” Yes she is fine just having a bad day.” They drove off. All of a sudden during my tantrum of sadness it started pouring down raining. I didn’t wanna move I just wanted to sit there and cry.

We eventually went back home. When we arrived I immediately went to the master bedroom where he slept. I cried and cried. I got up to leave and there was a half can of coke on the vanity. Back story to the can of coke thing. Every time I got in trouble or every time he wanted to apologize, he would either give me a full can or half a can of coke. It was his way of truce I think. So when I seen the can of coke on the vanity I picked it up and said ” You can’t apologize for this dad… You didn’t know.” I took a sip for old times sake but it was flat. So It had been sitting there for about 5 days.

I left the room and that was that so I thought. I just wanna throw in here I was baptized in November of 2010 and the thing that gets me to this day was what the preacher said as he pulled me up from the water. “JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BAPTIZED DOESN’T MEAN THINGS WILL GET EASIER, FOR IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE.” I didn’t know what he meant to the degree of how worse. But I lost my dad, so it was screaming in my mind.

The first night: I was going to bed and was sleeping pretty well, I had a dream I was watching my niece. She was downstairs in the family room and I was in the kitchen eyeing her from the balcony. She comes twirling out of the down stairs bedroom and she had a sucker in her hand. I asked her where she got that cause the only people who give her candy is either my dad or grandpa. She said poopa. Yes poopa that’s what she always called my dad. As soon as she said that I started walking down the steps and all of a sudden a ball of light came and shot up the stairs meeting me halfway and it turned into arms and they wrapped around me and I heard my dad’s voice whispering ” I’m okay” I told him I loved him he said he loved me too and I woke up. Reality: When I woke up It felt so real he was there hugging me . But I knew he was just letting me know he is safe and okay. And here comes the worst part.

The devil knows when you are trying to get right with God, and he will do anything to distract you or scare you. And let me tell you he had a ball with me. That house became dark. I mean when I was little there was things here and there that we would point out to each other red eyes in the closet, rocking chair moving on it’s own. But I knew something was watching me lurking around corners. It just didn’t bother me until now. The second night of going to bed. I left the door opened a bit. My best friend shared the same bed as me so I didn’t feel scared. But then again I didn’t think I would see what I saw. I couldn’t sleep much but in the darkness I saw a shadow figure and each night forth there would be another outside my door until there was 3. They came closer and they would taunt me and wrap me so tight in my blanket saying their little nothings ” We don’t have to let you go” and other scary things.

I remember I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know what was happening it never happened before. By getting closer to God the devil was sending his minions to torture me is how I felt and seen it. Well, one night they was doing it again wrapping me so tight in my blanket where I couldn’t breathe and laughing at me and saying we aren’t gonna let go, we don’t have to let go. I said ” Yes, you do!” and they muttered back” No we don’t!” I said ” IN GOD’S NAME YOU HAVE TO LET GO!” and they disappeared.

Forward to a couple months later I met this guy. It was David, Jeremy ( my brother), Marc, and I just sitting in the family room watching tv. My brother was upstairs in the kitchen. David was in front of me and Marc was on the couch. Mind you, we are no where near the TV at the moment. My dad has a high school diploma in one of the cubby holes on the tv stand. We was watching tv and all of a sudden the diploma comes flying out of the cuddy hole. Landing right in the middle of the floor. We all looked at each other with mouths wide open and asking each other ” DID YOU DO THAT?!!?” course we all knew we didn’t because you literally would have to be seen in front of the TV and no one had gotten up.

A couple months later we moved. My cousin stayed there with her daughter and husband and his 2 daughters. One day we was all over my aunt’s house and so was my cousin. She said ” You didn’t tell me the house was haunted …” I said ” What do you mean?” She told me her daughter would come to her at night because she couldn’t sleep. A old lad and man would pinch her toes and keep her up. Also she told me she was alone one day and she is OCD so everything is the laundry room was straightened up and in place. The door was closed. She was watching TV in the family room. All the sudden she heard what sounded like someone breaking in the window in the laundry room. She opened up the door and everything was on the ground and messed up. It only validated the haunting for me.

I ran into a guy a few years later we was working together and I was telling him everything that happened between the torturous shadow people to the haunted house… at that time I didn’t know what to believe I was on the fence about God and I knew I couldn’t stay there. I eventually had to make a choice. He said ” With all the darkness you have seen, how are you on the fence?.” that has always stuck with me. This all does.

Now, I am trying to get right with God, more then I ever was. I know now that when the shadow people come to torture me, I won’t be scared like I was. For God has made me stronger.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Terri Evans

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