The Walls Run With Blood

29 May 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I lived in a small town called Wauseon in the state of Ohio. Growing up in the early 1990s, you can best describe my little neighborhood to that of the Sandlot movie. Almost all my neighbors had kids around my age. They would all come over to my house after school and during summer break. I had the biggest yard, and we would play baseball, football, play on the tire swing my dad put up for us etc.

My house was also one of the oldest houses, a little north of 90 years old. It was huge – from the basement to our attic it was 5 floors. The basement and second attic were super creepy and I never went to either alone. However, this story is not about my home. It is about my childhood best friend’s home. It was right next to mine. It was just as big and a little older. My friend Tim (I will call him that not give any names away) would tell me crazy stories about things that happen in his house.

He told me once he saw someone laying on his couch, he thought it was his dad he went to shake him to get his attention and what turned around was not his dad but a scary looking thing with red eyes that started to chase him up the stairs and then just vanished. He and his little sister told me about a little girl who would come and play with them sometimes when they were alone in their room. There were quite a few stories like this.

I remember once my friend’s mom came to my house to talk to my mom. My mom told me to go to the other room. I did but I could hear what they were saying from the other room. My family is a religious family and they were not. My friend’s mom told my mom about something that happened in their house a long time ago. I guess the owners of the house had a special needs daughter. They were ashamed of her or just did not know how to take care of her, and locked her down in the basement. I don’t remember everything, but I just remember thinking how badly she was treated. Well my friend’s mom said that things were happening in her house and if we knew someone who would come and pray over the house. My mom called me over when she left and just told not to go into their house anymore.

The only thing up till that time that I ever noticed that was creepy was their front porch swing at night would occasionally sway back and forth. I always just assumed it was the wind and never thought much about it. Now to why I am writing to you. We were on summer break, I was about 7 years old. My mom and dad were both working. Being a kid and Tim being my best friend, I of course disobeyed my mom and went into the house. We were in Tim’s room playing. All of a sudden his little sister started to scream. We dashed out of the room to see what was happening. What I saw has changed my life forever. In the hallway on the second floor was the wall dripping blood. Immediately we all ran out of the house. The cops came, they thought maybe a dead animal got stuck behind the wall. The wall was knocked down and there was nothing there. The wall and carpet were replaced, but I never stepped in that house again.

After that night I would frequently sleep on my little sister’s floor or with the lights on in my room. Till this day I am now in my 30s and married. If I am alone at night or on a business trip I sleep with a night light or some kind of light on. I have tried to tell some people. Usually they look at me like I am crazy. My in laws told me I was young and probably cannot remember what really happened. I stopped telling people because I would get the same reaction and I started to doubt myself.

Submitted by a Weird Darkness podcast listener who wishes to remain Anon.

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    1. Good story; I wish it was longer, and had a better ending such as, later a spiritual leader or a psychic helped the residents investigate the cause, and freed the tormented poltergeist to a better and more suitable world.

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