My Wife’s Grandpa was a Warlock

09 June 2020 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story involves my mother-in-law and her father-in-law whom is my wife’s grandpa. This story was shared to me by my wife’s parents whom are people that would not joke around about paranormal situations nor make up stories of any kind.

The story came up as a result of BBQ conversations which led to personal paranormal experiences. My mother in-law shared her story when she was pregnant with my wife. At the time, she lived in the 60’s in Sinaloa, Mexico at the family farm of her husband. My father-in-law worked as a truck driver and was away on the road working. The farm was quite humble and did not have much  to it. In fact, the room where she was staying at did not have a door, it only had a curtain to keep out the cold of the night and bugs. She said she slept on a cot since they did not have a spare bed for her.

My father-in-law shared with me that his father had worked in the United States for a few years in his youth. While in California, he met someone that practice witchcraft. This person took him under his wing and taught him the craft. So when he returned to his province, he would use what he learned. Sometimes he would use his spells for fun, as in making people urinate on themselves in public to more serious and creepy things such as making dead cattle appear to come back to life.

Forward back to the 60’s, the room where my mother-in-law stayed at was the room where her father-in-law stayed in. He had passed by then. In the room there was his cowboy hat he wore all the time hung on one of the walls.

My mother-in-law was reading her Bible one night when she started to hear and see movement within the cowboy hat. What happened next, she says, brings chills to her every time she talks about it.

Out of the hat she saw the head of an animal rise, not crawl, but rise as if levitating from within up to the middle of its body. She described the creature as a larger than average gopher, staring at her with a cold glare and displaying its large teeth, almost as if the creature was smiling in a mocking way.

She described the room atmosphere change from calm to bone-chilling. If that was not enough, soon after the creature appeared, a second, smaller gopher-like creature appeared. It levitated right in front of the first and larger one. As soon as it appeared the larger creature started to strangle the smaller creature. My mother-in-law said she could see the smaller creature look like “losing consciousness” while the larger creature kept on staring with a human like stare at her and appearing to “smile” at her.

After what she described as an eternity, she was able to move and she ran out of the room. She called for her in-laws screaming for help. After she told them what she saw, her mother-in-law reassured her that she probably had a nightmare. However, she is 100 % sure she was not and having grown up in the province, she knows what a gopher, squirrels and similar critters look like and how they behave. The creatures she saw, were normal animals. She also said upon examining her room, the family found the cowboy hat in its place without any disruptions.

The next morning, some family member’s appeared to wanting to tell her something, but her mother-in-law kept on telling them to be quiet. Later in time is when she found out that her husband’s father was a warlock, whom had wanted to pass on a special crystal he used in his magic to her husband. My father-in-law said he respectfully declined to inherit that crystal. To his knowledge both the crystal and his hat are buried somewhere within the farm property in Sinaloa.


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