Strange Noises Upstairs..

15 June 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This just happened earlier this week, and I can’t stop thinking about it. 

I work the overnight shifts in a group home for youth with special needs. Nights are typically pretty quiet, aside from the odd snore or kid quietly singing to himself. I’ve worked in this particular house for just a couple of months now, and have noticed the sound of light footsteps often coming from upstairs if I am downstairs. When I go up to check on the residents, they are all asleep. The house can’t be more than 30 years old if I had to guess, but I’m sure all houses both old and new make noises. No big deal.

The other night while I was using the washroom on the main floor, I was suddenly startled by a loud, strange sound directly above my head. It was as if someone was dragging furniture across the floor. I started rushing to finish up, thinking a kid was out of bed and up to something. But I then realized what room was right above me; another staff sleeps in a small room located directly above the main floor bathroom. Specifically, the first third or so of the sleeping room is above the bathroom, where no furniture is located. Further back in this room is a bed and a dresser. This was 5am, and I figured the staff would have no reason to be moving any furniture, let alone moving it close to the door. The sound lasted for about 10 seconds at least as I listened, perplexed. I washed my hands and crept up the stairs. The kids were asleep. No sound came from the staff’s sleeping area. The air felt heavy, and I instantly felt lightheaded. I immediately went back downstairs and tried to think of a logical explanation. It was a little bit windy out, and perhaps a branch was scraping against the side of the house. No, there aren’t any trees near the sides of the house. Nothing leaned against the side of the house. About an hour later there was some thunder and rain that lasted a short time, so I thought maybe it was just unexpected thunder. I took comfort in that, but still couldn’t shake the feeling that this sound was so loud and so close to me, and a very negative and unsettling feeling came with it. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I drew a pentagram on my hand earlier in the shift with henna that another staff brought. It was upright, and I don’t even believe in the devil or demons. In my neopagan belief system, the symbol represents the elements. But I realised that the star could be perceived as being inverted so easily depending on the position of my hand. I told myself this was a silly coincidence, but I was truly disturbed.

The next day, I felt the need to make a cleansing spray to bring to work. I mixed various herbs and small crystals in a spray bottle with water that had been charged under the full moon. I envisioned a white light pouring into the bottle as I filled it. I tested the sprayer – it worked, and was ready to go. Shortly after arriving at work, I took the bottle upstairs with the intention of spirituality cleansing every room before the kids went to bed…But the bottle would not spray. I tried adjusting the nozzle, rinsing it out, shaking it…nothing would come out. Logic told me that the nozzle was clogged with herbs. My gut told me that whatever negative energy was in this house was not allowing the bottle to spray. I’d be damned if I let that stop me. I took the top off, splashed my hand with the water, and flicked it around each room and on every window and door. I said firmly but quietly in each room, “if you are not of love and light, you are not welcome here.” I still felt uneasy about the whole situation, despite the calming smell of lavender and eucalyptus all around. But it was a quiet night aside from some crazy winds that shook the house for a bit, and then all was calm. I felt much more at ease. I think that sometimes, your gut feeling is more important than logic.


Submitted by Meagan Campbell to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too.

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