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03 July 2020 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Off topic I know but….

My boys live in Texas. Two of them lost their jobs as a result of this COVID thing. Neither received any iota of help from the Government there – no unemployment, no check for COVID relief, NOTHING. Too poor to afford computers, their access to the internet is limited. Too poor to pay hefty phone bills, their ability to stay on the line 3-4 hours waiting for a Government employee to actually answer the damned phone to help them is too expensive.

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One of my boys, Liam, lives alone in Houston in a small one room apartment. His previous job paid more or less minimum wage and was a 2-hour bus ride away. He was let go. The only person he could turn to for help was me but I’m in no state to support two kids in the USA – not any more. I do what I can and I paid for the roof over his head and a little more to help while paying for my tax attorney to help him with the IRS in collecting the 2018 ant 2019 tax refunds and COVID payment he was eligible for but they wouldn’t give him.

Finally, he will get his 2019 refund …. in about 9 weeks time. We are still working on the other two. The IRS. An amazing organisation that appears to work against Americans in every respect. The issue – he needed to prove who he was!!??? And how should he do that? Yes – via a website he can’t access or a phone call he cannot afford. Amazing!

All the many problem facing the US of A come down to one thing – poverty. There are millions like my son living in poverty with no safety net and no one that cares. The Democrats I hear you say? Hell no. They gave up representing those that need them years ago in favor of marxist ideologies and revenge against Trump. There is no one looking after the poor in the USA and eventually, they will rise up…..

However, back to my point.

Liam found a new job. Its minimum wage but he was thankful and cheerful – I will learn some new skills Dad he told me cheerfully. But the painful truth is he is struggling. He has Asperger’s syndrome and he had major spinal surgery a decade ago. He needs help.

I am now back in Europe – 6,000 miles away. With no travel and disruption that is the lockdown, my ability to help is basically sending him a weekly check. Like all parents in this sort of dilemma, I am at my wits end. I want to help but I’m not able to….

So, I am asking you to help restore his faith in the good of humanity and mine too. You have loose change…. please send it to him to eat, to pay his rent and to pay his bus fare?

You can (its a facebook page)  donate here.

Even better, if you live in Houston, TX maybe you have a better job for him? Maybe you can point him in the direction of organisations I am unaware of that can help him?

If so, I am ALL EARS…. please let me know.

This is about a kid who really tries to be self sufficient who stays out of trouble and rarely complains. Let’s show him please that WE DO CARE.

Please share and let’s make this go viral….


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