Hearing the Voice of an Angel or God

21 July 2020 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Here is my story.
It was September 23, 1996
I was 25. I had called an ambulance because my dad had become very lethargic. His speech was slurred and He couldn’t stand. When the 2 LARGE EMT’s had gotten him into the ambulance they told me to get in the front seat. I sat there praying (silently, I think). After a couple of minutes one of the EMT stuck his head up front and instructed me how to call out an extra driver. My dad had gone into cardiac arrest. Within 30 seconds the driver was there and we were on the road. I was still praying “Lord, don’t take my daddy!! Please Lord don’t take my daddy.” Over and over. After just a couple of minutes. I heard a voice in my head. It wasn’t my voice. And it wasn’t one of 3 EMT’s. It very calmly said. “He’s already gone. I have him with me!” I did not question it. I instantly started praying LORD YOU HAVE TO HELP ME THROUGH THIS. I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. I prayed all the way to the hospital (maybe a total of 5-10) minutes tops. The EMT’s got out of the back of the ambulance and both of these large men were dripping wet with sweat and red faced. Then the Drs and RNs in the ER worked an additional 45 minutes. Before they declared him dead. I KNOW he died in my driveway almost an hour before. He had crossed over and was in Heaven. That was one of the hardest times I have had to go through but I know I wasn’t alone. Many times I could feel The Holy Spirit comforting me. I will never forget that voice. I know it was the Voice of God or an Angel. It gave me strength to get through that evening and the days ahead.


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