My First Encounter With a Shadowman

23 July 2020 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So, I was just 10 years old back then. I’m 39 now and I can still spot the shadow people almost every time.

The first time I saw them was when I was sleeping late at night. At least I was trying to. I was awake but still very sleepy and my desk was just right next to my bed. It was a big old fashioned house in middle of a Village also known as Brna – there was two of them – a supposed girl one with long hair and her body was all black and she was very close to me – inches away. She was under my desk. She kind of was way smaller than the one that was very slowly walking trough the hallway between my room and my grandmas room. The smaller one would make a very FAST but extremely quiet move under the desk every 10 minutes. The bigger one would rarely move FAST, as I could see them perfectly fine they did not seem very physical they made no sound although I could hear the bigger one making some very weird noise for about 3 seconds but I felt as the more noise I make the more they are aware that I’m there. I think they can not see ANYTHING, but can hear extremely well. The more I made any kind of noise, the more they would get closer, so I just decided to remain quiet all the time and it worked.

I tried to make sure that this was not a dream so I quickly and super quietly took my phone, opened Minecraft on it and made a new world what I called “The Shadow People Are Real”. So then when I wake up in the morning and unlock my phone I would just open Minecraft and see if the world was still there, and there it was. The world was there and out of curiosity, I decided to open the world and there was a sign placed right in front of me. It said “indeed we are.” I was shocked because when I was researching the shadow people, it said nothing about manipulating technology, so I figured maybe they some how unlocked my phone and did it themselves.

Years have passed and I still can see them. I some how over the years started enjoying their company so I sometimes stayed up late only to try and have a chat with them. After a year of trying to figure out how to talk with them, I figured out a few ways. The easiest one was to leave then notes on a paper on my desk and they would actually sometimes reply to me but by using this method it would take a few WEEKS only to ask them 2 or 3 questions so I decided to use a way simpler way. I decide to use their manipulation of technology powers to my advantage so I would open chats with my old phone number and say “Hello, Shadow people” late at night and sometimes I would have long chats with them.

Here are some of our conservations:

“Hello shadow people”
“@# ## (++8 ‘HGKHG kdjJHJ”

A few questions later with no understandable answer, they stopped responding, although some nights I would have good chats with them and I wasn’t so afraid of them anymore. I enjoyed their company and I talk to them to this Day.


Submitted by Frank Calt

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