The Country House

28 July 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My story starts off with my sister telling me about a house out in the country that was abandoned and that had trees around it. When I say trees around it, was like a forest in the middle of fields, like an island.  I was just curious about it like I want to see it I told her to take me to it. I drove to it and it was about 15 minutes away. It was sooooo creepy that I was like wtf. I drove by it and then did a u-turn back to our house.

A couple of days passed by. I was hanging out with friends at night talking about ghost stories and that’s when I told them about the house – how it looks and so creepy.  They all wanted to go see it thinking I was scared of a creepy house for no reason.  I drove them to the house but this time it was dark and the only thing that you could see is a full moon but when we got near to the house its in the moonlight with the woods around it. When we get closer to it we saw that there was a dirt road next to the house and a canal by the side of it so my friends said “lets take the dirt road and see if we can go behind the house and see if when can get in it.

We drive on this dirt road to the back of the house then I did a u-turn and park just in case we need to get out of there fast. We got out of the car and started to walk to the back of this house. My friends were joking about it saying nothing is going to happen it is just a dumb house. They get closer to the house and were making animal noises and one of my friend made a goat noise. That’s when we heard a goat noise loud that was mimicking my friend. You could tell it was not a goat because it was loud and  it was next to us. We started to run back to the car as fast as we could and we took off. We were so shocked about it.

A month passed by and we were talking to another friend about it and what happened to us and yes it was night again and he wanted to go see it. It took us a couple of hours to convince everyone to go back and this time I was not driving. We saw the house and it was still abandoned and we started to drive on the same dirt road when we saw this light flashing on the top of the trees and moving. We thought we were seeing things. My friend who was driving, did a u-turn when he could make one and when he did we saw that light again. This time it was not moving at all so we started to move and that’s when the light also moved. We hit the gas and took off but it felt like something was chasing us. It stopped when we were far away from the house and to this day I still get goosebumps when I think about it.

Submitted to weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Lara Daniel.


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