My Two Paranormal Experiences

29 July 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

First of all, I don’t expect anyone to believe in the paranormal and the only reason I do is that it happened to me twice in my life. Otherwise I don’t think I would. The first occurrence happened when I was young, about 5 yrs old. I was watching TV in the living room and my cousin was in view down the hallway. He kept bugging me, “Paul come see.” Finally after about the third time I was tired of him aggravating me and proceeded down the hallway and met him. We were looking into my parents room from the hallway and as I looked in my peripheral vision at the side of my parents queen size bed, I saw a red transparent figure with shadowy eyes and a mourning type face. Something similar to a PAC man is the only way I can describe it. As soon as I focused my eyes directly on to it, it shifted to the other side of the bed and was about as tall as the bed. I tried focusing directly again and it then shifted to the same side of the bed as it started. I never could see it directly but only in my peripheral vision. I didn’t feel threatened nor scared because it had that somewhat sorry and mourning looking face. My cousin was much older and he was asking me what it was. I said “I don’t know, guess it’s a ghost.” That was the end of that. We didn’t discuss it and I even slept in my parents room where I had normally slept when I was young and It really didn’t bother me because I forgot about it shortly after and also for a long time as my cousin did too. Also, it wasn’t me or him imagining since we both saw the same thing.

Now that I’m retired, I seem to have time to think about my childhood and that was one thing I now remembered. I asked my cousin more recently about it and he said he doesn’t remember it……SO… THIS IS THE NEXT OCCURRENCE IF I HAVE ROOM FOR IT….

Now I’m 20 years old. I had belonged to a country club and a guy I knew a little more than an acquaintance named Mike and will come into the picture shortly. We kinda knew each other back when we were young and the same age. At that time I was hanging with a guy named Mac who was familiar with the same people I was. He was invited to a party and asked me to tag along. For some reason it seemed almost everyone disappeared back toward the bedrooms except Mike, me and I guess his friend who I didn’t know. We were in the living room. I was seated in a chair perpendicular with a little distance to the couch where Mike was seated closer to me and his friend at the other end. This is going to sound like a lie but again my eyes were focused toward the window and AGAIN out of my peripheral vision, a somewhat looking dragon popped out of the coffee table that was about 2 to 3 feet long on Mike’s side and hissed! And AGAIN, when I turned to look directly at it and it seemed to disappear back into the table.The whole incident only took a second if not less and didn’t happen again. Then I heard Mike laughing his ass off saying…DID YOU SEE THAT!!?? He was always a jokester as I came to know him a lot better about 6 or 7 years later when he became my manager at work. I told him I saw it out of the corner of my eye. He laughed and said he saw it directly as he looked at it. His friend was kind of quiet about it but didn’t deny it as I remember. No, we weren’t smoking the same stuff nor tripping on LSD. Just a little weed. I don’t remember anything about that night after that. What was peculiar is that Mike and I never mentioned it when we were working for the same company later on. Then about 20 years after, we both had switched jobs and worked for the same company when he brought it up again. This time I laughed along with him. Again, it couldn’t have been our imaginations since we all saw the same thing.

Yes, I am a believer now.


Submitted by Paul.

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