The White Demon

05 October 2020 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

On a summer night at the end of July in 2008 we were camping while working to sell our wares at a flea market in Huntington, West Virginia. It was hot in the camper so I got up and walked outside where I found me nephew sitting and texting on his cell phone. It was about three in the morning.

Deciding to take a walk in the night air we made our way about a hundred yards to the end of the long flea market building and sat down on a concrete slab. The light that was on top of the building illuminated the area where we sat. To our front there was a big open field and behind the field there was a tree line that led to a forest. A large billboard on the highway cast a sliver of light across the ground but the rest of the field was pitch black.

As we sat there chatting, I saw something white about 75 to 80 yards away squatted down on the edge of the tree line. I looked at my nephew and asked if he saw what I was seeing. He said he did but neither of us could determine what it was.

The creature started to emerge from the tree line, it came out about 20 feet almost crawling to stay close to the ground. When it reached the edge of the sliver of light that was streaming across the field, it paused for a second, never breaking its gaze on us.

When it reached the edge of the light it leaped, elongating its body to move through the light in one movement and landed in the darkness on the other side still maintaining his stare. The time in the light allowed me to see it more clearly, its body was long, gangly, slender and pale white. At this time, it was about 10 yards away from us having cleared half the original distance. It started to inch closer pausing in a stealthy, curious manner, inching toward us as we sat there shocked and frozen at the sight of it.

Now it is about 3 yards away and it stayed in that position for a longer time. At that point I had time to take in its features in greater detail. Its stature was 4-5 feet tall, very lean and skinny, pale white skin with no hair on the creature at all. It kept itself in a hunched position when still. Its knees folded backward like an animal’s hind flank. Its arms were long and skinny, reaching down to hands that had very long, thin fingers with claws.

It had big black, almond-shaped eyes, very small pointy ears that were close to its head. It had very long, pointed, interlocking teeth that were always exposed and lips that were so small they barely showed around the huge teeth. Its nose turned upward like a bat and laid close against its face.

Crouched, it slowly walked to the edge light we were enveloped in. Within 2 yards now. it was looking at us, making a low snarling sound as it breathed. That was all I could hear over the pounding of my heart which was now in my throat. It was staring at us and cocking his head from side to side as if it was trying to figure out its next move.

As I sat there wondering what could possibly happen next, it sprang into the light with its arms up and mouth open wide making crazy, screaming, growling sounds running toward us. Coming to within a foot of us, I leapt to my feet, putting my fists up in a defensive posture. It looked up as if noticing I was larger than it originally thought. Then, it quickly turned and ran away kicking dirt and gravel up in my face. It was off through the field and I watched as it ran toward the forest. Then I heard the rustling of the brush as he moved through the woods.


Submitted by Robert Everman to weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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