That night on patrol in 1994

13 October 2020 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I am a certified Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Georgia and have been since 1995. I no longer work for a law enforcement agency but I’m still certified. I worked as a Jailer for for 2 years before I was sent to Mandate and I could really tell some horror story’s about working a jail and even more horror story’s about working the road. I’ve seen things I can never unsee that still give me nightmares. I’ve seen the worst of humanity and I’ve seen the best! I’ve seen heart wrenching death and have experienced fear for my life and the life of others. I’ve watched as someone took their own life with a 12 gauge sawed off shotgun, that was so close to me that was sprayed with their blood. I’m sorry for going into all that because this account I’ve contacted you about is not anything to do with those everyday things a law enforcement officer deals with. The account I’m sharing now I had never experienced before that early morning or have I after. I still have so many unanswered questions and it’s been 25 years.

The account is what has gotten me interested in Bigfoot or Dogman because I’m not sure what I witnessed that early Monday mourning. It was a brief encounter but one that still haunts me. I had just graduated the Police Mandate and was riding with a field training officer learning all the procedures for being on my own. We worked 12 hour shifts, from 7 pm to 7 am so my shift had started on Sunday evening. It had been a quiet night so about 12:30 am we decided to just cruise some of the backroads at a low speed with the windows down to see if we could find anything. Sometimes by doing this we had come upon domestic disputes and had even caught a burglar breaking into a pharmacy. This night was different though. As we were patrolling down this road I caught sight out of my peripheral something running on 2 legs toward the front of our patrol car. As soon as it hit the road right in front of us it dropped to all fours and moved faster than anything I’ve ever seen before. It crossed in front of us without us having to hit the brakes. It was covered in dark hair and standing it was 6 foot or better. It was thin not barreled shaped like a bear. We never got a look at it’s face but I’ll never forget the shape of its body and how it moved. The field training officer I was riding with saw it also and it freaked him out also and he could not explain it. We turned the patrol car around and hit the spots but could not find anything. I worked the road at night for many years after that alone and never saw anything else like that.


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