The Snarling in the Walls

02 November 2020 | Your True Encounters

Around age 10, after my parents got divorced. I moved to a small town of about 1800 people. I lived in a large farm-style house with my aunt and uncle. My mother. My little sister, whose two years younger than me and my little brother who is 6 years younger than me. Strange things often happened while we lived here. Such as me seeing a translucent man run from one end of the hallway into the bathroom and out of existence while walking up the stairs. I was so scared that I fell down the stairs and would dread having to use the bathroom for months after. I then picked my uncle’s dad out of a family reunion photo, never having seen him before. As the man I saw that night. However, things only got stranger from there.

My uncle, aunt and mom were usually gone frequently. Whether it was work, or errands or both. Leaving us kids to ourselves a good chunk of the time. Around this time my grandmother had passed away in our home. She had been living with us in the last days of her life. And although strange things had happened before. They intensified greatly after her passing.

For context, the house we lived in was over a hundred years old. And the only working place to bathe ourselves was an old shower in the basement, in the laundry room. The shower was cracked concrete with an old spicket style shower head. Looking up you could see the cobwebs and the planks of the kitchen overhead as it they descended into the darkness of the structure. My aunt and mother, who were both hoarders. Had a significant amount of junk piled up into the basement. Making it hard to navigate. And adjacent to the shower was an old cannery that had long since been abandoned. Still having piles of old cans stored within it’s walls. Needless to say, it was already a creepy place on its own. Let alone what started to happen.

During the weeks after my grandma’s passing. Our doorbell begin to ring at really odd hours of the night. Thinking it was just some kids, bored in our small town and playing a prank. My uncle disconnected the doorbell. So we could all get some rest. But despite the doorbell being completely removed. It continued to ring. Often at or around 3-4am in the morning. And it would often ring in threes, but not always. This perplexed and freaked us out. We we eventually told ourselves that it had to have been some sort of problem with the wiring, or something.

When it was time to take a shower and get ready for bed. We would often go in pairs as to not be scared. One of us would shower and the other would stand outside the door to talk to the other. We often played an old boombox stereo with whatever CD’s we had at the time to help keep us calm while we did what we needed to do.One night I was keeping watch while my sister showered. We talked as we often did, about what had happened that day at school and what was going on with our lives at that time. And suddenly the power went out. But what made that worse, was that the boom box that was playing at the time faded into an eerie low octave as it shut down.My sister, who was already terrified at this point and covered in soap. Began to freak out. Me, trying to keep the peace. Tried to talk her through the situation. I told her to try and rinse the soap off and quickly grab a towel so we could go back upstairs. But about the time those words left my mouth. There was a loud scratching noise coming from the wall that separated the laundry room and the basement’s living room.Not knowing what was happening I began to get incredibly scared as well. Because I knew that wall was concrete. So it couldn’t have been an animal.

Over the shrill screams of my sister I began to hear what could only be described as a horrible snarling noise.Something unearthly. As if the vocal chords of a pig and a person had been intertwined while they both screamed. At this point my sister and I were both screaming. My sister, panicking was scratching my back trying to claw her way to me in the darkness of the basement.In a surge of adrenaline I tossed her in front of me and we both hastily made our way up the stairs.As we got into the living room the power came back on and the lights began to flicker as we continued to hear the noise come from the basement. It sounded as if it was coming through the basement wall and into the floor below us. Terrified we ran outside onto our back porch and into our yard. Where we stayed for the next 2 hours until our Mom got home.

Now this snarling continued to happen for 2 more years. At extremely random times. And worse yet. Since we had no room or beds of our own. Me and my brother during these
two years had to sleep down there on blanket pallets. I have many more tales from this time in my life, but those are for another time.

As for the passing of my grandma and the beginning of the horrible phenomena. My grandma was a lovely woman who cared for us kids deeply. So I highly doubt it had anything to do with her. But maybe somehow her passing triggered something in an already haunted house. Who knows?

Submitted by Kody Richardson – see the youtube channel!

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