Chinati Peak UFO

16 November 2020 | Alien Abduction, UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

On August 6th, 1980 my grandparents were traveling from Odessa, Texas to Mexico due to a family emergency. They took off at around 11pm on the night of the 5th with their two kids, which is my dad and my aunt. My grandpa along with my grandmas uncle and brother were riding in the front seat with my grandma and the kids in the back. Between 2:30 – 3:00am and South of Marfa, Texas is when they saw something strange by the Chinati Peak mountains. They saw what seemed to be a big fire on the ground against a mountain. My grandma asked if it could be illegals trying to stay warm, her uncle said “I don’t think so, it would catch the attention of law enforcement and eventually get them caught” My grandparents then said that the fire started forming and rising up to the top of the mountain. My grandma screamed “Look!”, that’s when they all realized what it was. Fear started to spread throughout the car as what they described to be a tremendously fast spinning disc.

Shaped as if a frisbee was laid on its face with another one on top of it (disc shaped). Red and yellow fire colored smoke was raging out from the bottom and the from the top. They could feel the force from the disc. It then started to follow them from a distance along the mountains, it would abruptly stop when they stopped and accelerate when they did. At one time the disc crossed over into the street in front of them. My aunt says it looked big enough to fit a car into it. That’s when they all got really scared, and the kids started to cry along with my grandma as she began to pray out loud. They had heard about abductions happening at the the time so they were aware of what could possibly happen. My grandpa on the other hand is the bravest man I know and wanted to catch their attention. He pulled off to the side of the road and got off the vehicle with a flashlight. He then tempted and called out for the disc to get closer while pointing the flashlight towards them saying “C’mon, C’mon!”. My grandma got out of the car and took the flashlight and told him to get his ass back in the car and to haul ass. The disc then crossed back over towards the mountains. My grandpa said it moved like a rabbit jumping over weeds. They could see little windows and lights inside but nobody or nothing controlling it. It made no sound and they couldn’t really see a color due to it being dark.

Once my grandparents got back on the road, the disc was still following them at a distance. It would go up and down the sides of the mountains. Finally it went behind one mountain and never came back out on the other side. Approaching the ghost town of Shafter, Texas is when the disc disappeared. My grandma, still in shock, asked her uncle if it could be witches, but he replied “you’d need a whole regiment of witches to make something like that!”. See my grandma had to deal with a jealous witch back in Mexico when her and my grandpa first married but I’ll save that for another story.

They said only one truck passed them throughout the whole incident. It never stopped or slowed down, it just carried on. They weren’t sure if the truck had seen it as well. They had heard about the Marfa lights but in no comparison was it similar to what they saw. Unfortunately they have no proof, they did not have a camera at that certain time. My grandpa worked at a plant for 43 years here in Odessa and finally retired. He tells me that his co-workers would say he was lucky to of been able to see that. His co-workers would even try and go to the same spot at around the same time to try and catch it but no one ever seen it. My grandpa talks about an elderly man who worked at the plant who told him during World War 2 there was a base stationed in Marfa. The soldiers on the ground would see the lights and would think it was the Germans coming to attack. The ones on the ground could see it, but the pilots in the planes would report seeing nothing.

My grandparents have no reason to lie and I’ve known about this story since I was a kid. This is the first time telling it to anyone outside of our circle.  My grandpa wishes he could see it again and asks if anyone with a similar story around the same area to please come forward.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Rudy Payen

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