My Parents’ Haunted Home

01 December 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My parents house is haunted. I’ve known this since we moved in when I was 14. Things would constantly be moved around and us kids were always blamed for it. It was a two story house and we would always hear footsteps coming from upstairs when no one was up there, or even home at all. It became so normal that we were always surprised when friends mentioned it. It was the norm for us. It wasn’t the only thing that happened while I lived there.

One night I was up late in our living room and my parents were asleep. I heard a scratching at the backdoor, which I assumed was our dog wanting back inside. I got half way across the room before remembering that the dog was sleeping with my parents. I froze and the scratching stopped. Then the doorknob started moving back and forth, like someone was trying to get in. I screamed and my brother ran downstairs with his bat. We looked outside and there was nothing. This time he stayed with me and ten minutes later the same scratching started. I yelled at the door to stop and it did. Next thing we knew something banged on the door and we both ran upstairs. My parents heard nothing.

Another time I was sleeping in my room, which was also on the second floor,  when I heard the same footsteps we were all used to. They started in the main room by the stairs and I could hear them head towards my door, and into my room. I know my door was closed but it never seemed to stop whatever it was from passing right through the door. My bed was around the corner and across from it was my computer desk and recliner chair. The chair was an old faded pink swivel recliner we picked up from Bargain World for 2 dollars but it worked well. It’s really old, so the springs always make a loud screech sound when you sit down in it. I had always meant to fix the sound but never got around to it. Boy did I wish I had that night. I was sleeping, or trying to, but the footsteps had woken me a little. I was trying to go back to sleep when the footsteps went past the bed and towards my computer, and then silence. They had stopped.  Just as I was finally drifting back to sleep the loud screech of the springs in my recliner made me jump up and scream. It sounded like someone had just plopped in the recliner, like  the way you do after a hard day. It was so loud I was instantly awake and staring at the chair with no one in it. I wanted to run downstairs but I had to get too close to that recliner and that just wasn’t going to happen. I quickly laid back down and covered my body with the blanket, pulling it over my head. I was shaking and couldn’t stop the tears, I was so scared. I turned to face the wall, feeling like I was being watched. I heard the recliner screech again as if someone was getting back up and I squeezed my eyes shut tighter. I curled into a ball and waited. I didn’t hear anything else but I could feel something still there, staring at me. I didn’t dare turn around to look, it felt like whatever it was just waited at the edge of my bed. I don’t know how I could tell, but I thought that if I turned around I would be met with something that would haunt my nightmares. After a long while the feeling disappeared and I finally looked around my dark room. The recliner was facing towards me, and I know it hadn’t been when I went to bed. 

Im an adult now and my parents still live in that house. We come over for holidays and will stay the night and we usually stay in my old room. My husband has made many comments about how the house creeps him out and how he hates sleeping there because he feels like he is being watched. I told him this story after he mentioned he thought he heard something walking around. We don’t sleep in that room anymore, but we both still feel uneasy when staying at that house. My parents want me to have it when they die, and I haven’t told them that neither my husband nor I really want to inherit a haunted house. Especially since after every overnight stay with my parents, we feel like there’s something in our own house for a couple days.


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