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04 December 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I want to tell you a story. A story about all of the weird happenings in my life. I have always been a believer in the spiritual side of the paranormal. I believe I was 3 or 4 when I remember my first encounter. Shadow people.

I remember seeing shadows of a male figure from the corners of my eyes at my grandparent’s home walking down the hallway or passing by the threshold of doorways. There was one time in particular that I remember sitting in their living room, tv on, and playing with my legos and blocks. I was about 6 or 7 and my grandfather drove a truck for roadway and would stay gone all week. My grandmother was a vendor for Disney and Buena vista and was told she had to run to a store to set up a display. I was very smart and mentally mature for my age, and she told me she would be right back, knowing that I could handle being at home alone for an hour or so. About 10 or 15 minutes went by and a shadow walked by the doorway from the living room to the kitchen. Both rooms were the only entrances into their house. I know she didn’t come in through the front door, since I was sitting in front of it, and I didn’t hear the loud bang from the back door as it sticks and is hard to open and close. So, me being naive little krissy, I walked into the kitchen and looked around. “Grandma?” I yelled through the house. No reply. Unsure of what to do, I went back to the living room and sat behind the recliner and played quietly until she came back. When she got home, I told her about what happened, and she said she sees the shadow people too. She swears it’s her brother Frank who died half a block down from her house.

Fast forward a few years later, I am sitting on the computer, playing games in chatrooms, and watching midnight run on cartoon network with music blaring loud in my ears. Every unsupervised kids dreams. Over my music, I hear loud bangs on the den door and I thought it was my grandfather telling me it was way past my bed time (which it was about 1am). I get up to open the door which leads into their kitchen, and it’s dark and quiet. I walk through the kitchen to the end of the hallway which leads to their open bedroom. I quietly say “Granddad? Grandma?” But both are dead asleep and snoring. There was no replay. Even their Boston terrier, Billy, was asleep and snoring. Freaked out, I hurried back and turned off everything immediately, went to my bedroom, jumped into my four post bed with curtains and shut them. I pulled the covers over my head and hid till I fell asleep.

Around the same time, I awoke in the middle of the night to me falling on my face on my bed. That scared me because I don’t know if I thrashed so hard in my sleep that I bounced it if I was levitating and fell once I woke up. Theres been so many weird things that have happened to this point in my short life that I was leaning towards the latter.

I met a kid named Daniel when I was living in a trailer park with my mom and brother. He claimed he was followed by some spirit or demon. I thought he was silly, but his bedroom light would always randomly flicker and dim while the others stayed lit. And his old fashioned stereo/record player seemed to work when it felt like it. I thought through logic and felt it was faulty wiring and old appliance that caused this. So he asked if he could borrow my more up to date stereo and cassette player, and I said sure. I got it back and then the volume would randomly turn up and down… but it was a turn knob as it was too soon for digital. I got frustrated and unplugged it when it turned all the way down one day and told it to please work. I plugged it back in and the only word that came through was a distorted no. I quit using it from then on.

We moved into a new house in 1999 in a new city. I had my bedroom that was connected to the living room which connected to the kitchen then hallway and other rooms. I got up to head to the bathroom and I clearly heard in my left ear a man whisper “Kristin”. It wasn’t menacing or really had any kind of tone. It was just a flat whisper of my name. I ran to my brother’s freaking out. He was confused. I went to the bathroom and ran back to my room. You would think I would be use to all of the weirdness by now.

Again, same house but a year or 2 later, I have a little sister along with my brother. She has a big bird doll that says 4 phrases. “Peek a boo” “laugh (it sounded evil” “patty cake patty cake bakers man” “bake me a cake as fast as you can”. It constantly started repeating Peek a boo and the laugh. It was creepy when I rounded the corner upstairs and it was sitting on a chair and spoke Peek a boo. It got so bad that my destructive brother ripped the battery pack out. One day, we were upstairs in the entertainment room, and the big bird starts going off again and I told my brother to take the battery out, it’s annoying me. He opened it and turned pale…. he looked at me and said “uh, you remember we took the battery out”. A knot formed in my stomach and i hurried and grabbed the doll from him. He was right. There was no battery pack, which is also what held the voice box. I cried. I didn’t know what else to do. The doll wouldn’t quit and my brother tore it up. We threw it away. The next day I felt brighter. I was happy and went upstairs to clean. As I’m picking up my little sister’s toys, I pick up the big bird and freeze. It was completely intact. I ran to my mom and demanded an answer. She claims she didn’t buy a new one and told us to quit tearing up my sister’s toys. Later, she had a motorcycle zoe from sesame street that became the center of the new activity….

I’m now in my own place, and I’m in my own apartment with my own children. We’ve never heard voices, but my oldest daughter now says she sees shadow people. She claims she hears voices but she is only 8 now. We have a good size picture framed above my couch, and it is on a hook that bends out. You literally have to lift it up to take it off. It fell behind off behind my couch, and the hook was still in the wall unbent. My girls also had canvas pictures hanging in their room of frozen characters. We heard a loud crashing in the middle of the night that woke both of them up. It was their canvases…. only they were thrown on the complete opposite side of the room. Way out of the range that they could tumble.

I’d like to add that recently, just the other night, I heard a broken up lady screaming outside, and my husband was just inside the door and heard it too.

There has been so much weirdness in my life that sometimes when I open up about it, I forget that it isn’t normal for everyone else.

hope that all of the “Weirdos” out there know that there are so many real encounters and not all of them are fabricated just for entertainment.


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