18th floor of the Milwaukee Hilton

20 January 2021 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

We were in downtown MILWAUKEE, getting ready for Milwaukee Mighty Con. Pulling into our parking lot we see the scary looking Hilton hotel. Out of a scene of Ghostbusters. I look up, and make the comment to my friend Luigi, that place is haunted. We check in, and find out our room is on the 19th floor. 19 out of 25 floors. 25th floor not acceptable for guests. I ask a few employees if any hauntings occur, they have no reply. We go eat dinner, and return.  On getting a second bed (a roll away for luigi). Turns out we run into the head of security, and when I ask him if the giant building is haunted…he replies with “what do you want to know”. Thus, our long paranormal adventure and sleepless night begins. We find out, the original owner of the building died and haunts the 25th floor. We find out there have been many deaths since the hotel is so old. Most importantly, and a few older men and women have passed….on the 18th floor, the floor right beneath us. We are also told something shocking…as the 18 floor has an even darker past. We learn a disgruntled sister took her brothers kids out, saying she was baby sitting for him (this is proven real, in the newspapers and online). She tied each child up, and threw them out the window…one by one…before jumping herself. The spot we just had a smoke break at…is where they landed. We were told we could quietly investigate the 18th floor, but we could not get the specific room, as constitution had occurred since the events. We go back to our room, and finish some mighty con pre plan work. We go out for one more smoke, (even going live on FB), and we run back into the head of security. He truly is as I am. And from what I can tell from luigi, he may be a sensitive too.

Finally, we head to the 18th floor. As soon as those doors open to that floor, we feel off. A heaviness. We bring out our make shift equipment, and begin to investigate. Walking around, we begin to feel sick, and heavy. Getting weird words coming through, specifically correlating to what we were talking about. Suddenly, my face feels like it is punched, and one of our devices says scratch. Luigi gets a scratch. A few mins later, still walking around feeling sick, my chest starts to tingle, then burn. Luigi by my side, I run to a mirror. I already knew what had happened. I was scratched. I unzip my heavy coat, and lift my shirt…and there are scratches. As we look on, live in front of our eyes, three more scratches appear on my chest. Back to our investigation, Luigi notices a new scratch as well. We are called weak, and we take a break. We have a smoke. We go back to the room to sleep. Funny thing, ghost adventures was playing. We had to leave at 5am to go get mighty con set up, it was already 1:30am. I say, “let’s charge our phones in case we go back down one floor.” We do so. We watch about an episode and once 2:45am hits, we say screw it, and we go back one last time for a smoke break (getting all kinds of readings even outside). We go upstairs from 2:55 am-almost 4am. The feelings got worse. Whom ever was attacking us knew we wanted contact. Every word that came out of our devices made sense. Earlier that night, we had to run to a Walgreens, and we looked up at the 25th floor and saw weird things walking by, and standing. When we left at 5am for mighty con, we saw nothing up there.

But we are on the haunted 18th…and boy we didn’t expect what happened….to happen. The final nail in the coffin which was us stop for the night, was I suggest to Luigi that we split up. I don’t recall anything that happened after that, until I see Luigi come up to me, asking me if I was ok. Apparently, after we split up, (just like the first time we went up), I had to rest on a wall. And according to Luigi his spirit box said separate, as if the spirit hurting us wanted us to separate. When Luigi turned around, he said I was starring at him like I wanted to hurt him. I do not remember that. I do see the word separate. I feel confused at this point. As Luigi collapsed earlier, because it was so hard to breath up there, like a weight was on you, I too collapse and just sit against the wall. Feeling out of it. Luigi makes me get up and we go back to our room. It’s time to get ready to goto work, we get cleaned up, grab our luggage, hop in the van full of comics, and give the hotel one final look. We didn’t sleep one wink that night. That hotel was full of darkness. That hotel was weird.
Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Randy & Luigi

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