The Skin walker

09 February 2021 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My brother and I are fans of the urban fiction books “The Dresden Files”. He was discussing it at work one day and mentioned the Naagloshii (skinwalker) monster in the book. This Navajo gal there freaked out when he said the word Naagloshii. He said it really scared her, and she yelled not to say that name.

A little later while he was alone, she came to him to apologize for her freaking out at what he said. She explained that by saying the name you might draw its attention and that it is a big taboo in the Navajo culture. She then whispered the correct pronunciation and full name to him and told him why it is so scary for her. She said when she was younger she was with her mom in the car near the reservation in Utah. They were in the car driving down the road when her mother screamed and yelled back to her to get down on the floor of the car. Her mom floored it and was quickly going really fast. Being a teenager she said she climbed back into the back seat so she could look out the back of the car. She said that right next to the rear window was an old man with a crazy creepy expression. He was running next to the car at an inhumane speed. And kept up with the car for a bit even though they had to be going 70 or 80 miles per hour. It scared the hell out of her. She said that it was one of them.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and by Dave B.



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