Strange Selfies

17 February 2021 | Haunted items, Your True Encounters

A few years ago, I attended dance classes between five and eight each evening. Once I had to stay up late and practice for our upcoming show. After the practice, my friends and I would hang out in the main office and wait for our parents to pick us up. It was about ten in the evening. I was standing beside the main entrance. Behind me was just a white wall and some lamps. As I was standing there I took a few selfies of myself and went home.

At night while checking the photos I had taken, I found something strange in one of them. In that photo, it was not only me smiling but also someone else standing right behind me, with a large grin and looking straight into the camera. When I saw that figure, I was a bit confused as while taking the photo there was, and I’m very sure about this, absolutely no-one behind me, just the wall. When I enlarged the picture I also found out that it was not even a human figure. It’s just a shape. That photo literally terrified me.

I thought it was only me who saw that figure, that’s why one day when I was attending a sleepover at my friend’s place I showed that photo to her. I just asked her if she could see anything else in the photo. For a moment, or so, she looked at that photo and she said that there was something standing behind me.

I still wonder what was standing behind me that night.

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