Apparition on the Road

09 March 2021 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was driving down a road late one night in the NE of England. It was pitch black and that kind of road that has high hedges on either side. The road was very bendy as well and the full-beam headlights constantly picked out trees and other items that seemed to jump out at me. I must admit, I was getting pretty nervous driving alone there.

As I went around one bend, the headlights shone back of what seemed to be a patch of mist. I thought at first, this was the beginnings of a patchy mist developing and slowed down even more to compensate. As I drove on though, I met no more misty patches until about 1 mile further up the road where passing through a small wooded area, another small patch of mist appeared in front of me. I pushed on the brakes a bit and slowed down to pass through it. As I entered this misty area, I realized that there seemed to be two people inside the mist so I abruptly swerved and pushed harder on the brakes. I pulled up to the side of the road out of concern for the safety of these people and, leaving the engine running and lights on, I got out to check on them. There was no one there….

The rest of my short trip back to the hotel was at breakneck speed… I was now terrified of every tree and shadow that jumped up in front of the car. On arrival at the hotel, I mentioned to the barman who was serving a couple of customers what had happened. He asked where it had been and with a strange look on his face, explained there had been an accident in the fog a couple of years back involving two hikers who were struck and killed by a car on the road in that vicinity. I shook it off… he was trying to give me the wind-up.

The next day, however, my entire reality was questioned for as I passed the very place of the misty patch in broad daylight, the small roadside cross and candles were plainly visible….

Submitted by Stan


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