She Hadn’t A Human Face!

14 April 2021 | Demons, Demons, Your True Encounters

So, this story was shared with me by my father, but the person involved in this story is my Dad’s uncle who I saw last week. he’s 85 now and I actually asked him if the story that my dad had shared with me was true. He said without a doubt it was a true experience and that it’s still vivid to him after so many years. So this is how he told it…..

Back when he lived in Mexico, he and his family lived in a suburban town. and one night this small block in the center of the town was having a party.  My uncle was still in his teens and thought that he’d attend. Now his brothers didn’t want to go as there was work around the house, so they passed on going to the block party.  He still went on his horse and arrived at the party, he hung out with a few people he recognized, had a couple beers. the night went one, still drinking but not in a drunken state just yet. as he was making a decision whether he should leave or not, as it was almost midnight he caught glimpse of a women, that from behind attracted his attention. so he started following her, telling her to come back and have a drink with him. but she ignored him. but he still pleaded, he than started to notice that she was leading him out of the block, and now onto the dirt road with trees left and right. with the only source of light was the moon. and some old wooden lamp poles that where very spaced out, but he shrugged it off, continuing to follow her. he said at one point she turned around to look at him. as soon as he saw her he collapsed. back at home his brothers where getting worried as it was already midnight and he had not yet returned. his father ordered the both of them to go out and look for him. so they both hopped on horses, and arrived at the town, and there he was on the ground. his brothers hurried to him, waked him up demanding answers. what he told them. shook them he said he’d been following a girl until she turned around and revealed a horse face.


Submitted by Jose

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