The Blackness in my Mirror

29 April 2021 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The other night, I found myself suddenly wide awake at just after 3 am. I awoke with a jump and figured I had had a bad dream. After calming myself I rolled over and closed my eyes to go to sleep again. But as I did so, I caught sight of a reflection in my wardrobe mirror of a darkened figure. I shot bolt upright. There in the mirror was a dark figure, so dark that black isn’t a good enough description. At first, it was formless, just a blackness. Then it began to take shape. I sat bolt upright watching this with increasing horror before suddenly realizing that – it was only a reflection. I mean, there was nothing there in the room – just the reflection of whatever in the mirror. Has anyone else had an experience like this??

After I realized that there was nothing to reflect, I began to get calmer. Perhaps I was simply seeing something in my mind in the mirror – like I was scrying it or something? After a while, the darkness simply slowly went away and I guess I fell asleep again.

Strange story I know but…. I really want to know if anyone else has seen this sort of thing?

Submitted by Jake F.

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