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03 May 2021 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was just googling around and found some coverage for the FIRST book based on reviews from Tripadvisor. Published in mid-2020, the book is a collection of reviews of haunted experiences of people staying hotels as found in Tripadvisor reviews? Really? Well, that makes me a little angry because, in fact, I published the FIRST book of Tripadvisor reviews called Motel Hell – Strange Reviews of Haunted Hotels back in 2018!

Here is a review from that book….

Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver

The Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver was built in 1911 and is designated a heritage building. It looks like the sort of place that may be haunted and it does have that reputation. Despite that, I could only find one review in which something paranormal might have occurred there.

My 11-year old son freaked out when we arrived. He said “mom! why did you book such an old hotel, you know it’s haunted!” Turns out he was right. We stayed in room 604 which has a separate room with a twin bed which I slept in to get some peace and quiet. Someone sat on me twice, then tried to lie down. It was annoying, since I was not able to get back to sleep. I asked the early morning agent about anything being reported, he did say he’s been poked while brushing his teeth in the restroom, but no one is around.

The rooms smelled moldy, but the location is great, and the restaurant and bar are good.


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