Black Eyed Kid Encounter in Mexico City

10 May 2021 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Another encounter from a Reddit user….

Ok guys, this happened to me and my wife 3 years ago around 1 am in this location after exiting a movie.

That day we were pretty broke, I just had the money for the movies but not for the parking(here in Mexico all the public parking lots cost), so we decided to park the car behind the shopping mall, on a back alley.

When we were out of the movie, the shopping mall access to the back alley was closed, so we had to walk our way up there, when we were about to arrive at the car, a small kid looking around 6-7 age-old pulled my shirt from behind asking for some spare change (this is something really common in Mexico, there are tons of beggars everywhere), I said, “sorry kid, I’m broke, I have no spare change”, the situation smelled fishy, so I opened the car with the remote key and made signs to my wife to enter the car fast. The kid asked again, the whole time he was looking to the floor, and it was a really dark alley, so wasn’t able to see his face clearly, I was using my phone flashlight to see around, that’s when something makes my radar go crazy. I remember the hour, I see on my watch 1:33 a.m.

In my city, no beggar kids are out at that time, especially on an alley like that, unless they’re trying something sketchy (like robbing you or worse). Without looking back I rushed inside the car and placed the locks on it, that’s when while viewing the rearview mirror saw him staring directly at us, his eyes were like a void, a deep dark black that made all of my body enter into a fight or flight stance, a smile so evil that got my heart racing incredibly fast.

He ran next to my door and knocked on the glass while staring directly at me, asking for money over and over again. He tried to open the door by pulling the handle restlessly, as soon as he left the handle alone by a second, I turned on the car and made a run for our safety, the kid started running behind us, almost at the same speed of the car, while screaming at us. Finally, we reached a highly transited avenue and the kid was nowhere to be seen, needless to say, my wife and I were scared shitless.

From time to time, we drive by there at 1 to 3 am trying to find that kid again, has never seen him, also I would like to add the public illumination service doesn’t work on that alley, was really hard to see the kid.

So, AMA, anything, my wife was there too, she also saw the eyes of that kid.

It gives me nightmares up to this day.

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