My House has A Doppelganger Problem

28 May 2021 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My name is Emerson Del, I’m a small-time musician from Toronto and this story changed me from being a skeptic.

In 2018, I lived in the basement of my aunt and uncle’s house. It was fully furnished and had a full kitchen and bathroom down there, in short, I rarely went upstairs to see my aunt and uncle because I had everything I needed in my place.

One day my Aunt and Uncle were discussing how they were going to go up to the cottage, I heard them talking from downstairs. When I heard the door close I assumed that they had decided to take one car and head up there.

Later that day, I was cleaning up when I heard a knock at the door. I thought, “That’s strange no one is home, and this is clearly a knock coming from upstairs” I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone so I hopped in bed and pretended to sleep. That’s when I heard the door open.

Emerson I’m coming downstairs,” I heard in what sounded like my uncle’s voice. I’ve known this voice for my entire life and something in my stomach told me. DO NOT ANSWER. THIS ISNT YOUR UNCLE. I continued to pretend to be asleep. Whatever it is, I don’t want to know.

That’s when I heard the footsteps down the stairs, they were heavy and firm. once they got to the bottom. I heard the voice facing towards me. I had the covers above my head at this time and I was not about to let myself be known. “Emerson, I’m coming in now.” I heard the heavy footsteps walk towards me to the right side of my bed. It stood for just a moment and then it proceeded to walk through me, I could feel each hair stand on end and each blood cell becomes ice in my veins. I SHOT UP and the bathroom door SLAMMED shut. I ran upstairs and out of the house. My uncle’s truck wasn’t there!

I called him and he said, he and my aunt left about three hours ago and they decided to take two cars. I never told anyone this story. So when a similar incident happened to my Girlfriend in the same basement. I couldn’t help but believe it was true.

We shared experiences and I no longer live there, but to the family that does own that house now. Take care, I don’t know what’s dwelling in that basement.

Submitted by Emerson Del

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