My Paranormal Life – Part 2

23 July 2021 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

(Part 1 is here)

Months later everything started to die down a bit. I was sitting at home by myself and I heard the bathroom water kick on and my hair stood on end as I knew my family wasn’t home, so I stood up and had to tell myself you have to find out why? I went in, turned off the water and left the house, and sat outside until my family returned. I confronted my mother when she got home and that is when she started telling me stories from when I was younger.

We were living in a house (it was me my mom and my dad with my sister and brother) and my mom walked by the bathroom and says ‘hi’ to my brother and then enters the living room, and to her surprise, we were all sitting on the couch with my father! My mom was like “how did you get out here so fast?” and my brother, confused, said, “I’ve been out here for a while.” She went directly to the bathroom and no one was inside and she to this day says she saw him in the bathroom. Then she tells me she keeps having a dream about some guy in a duster walking up the steps to the house who grabs the doorknob and turns it. She wakes up every time at the same point in this dream and when she has this dream something in the house happens.

Years have passed with small things happening but not worth documenting as it would just be noises but see nothing and at this point, I am eighteen and sleeping in my room and one of my brothers sleeps in the living room scared of his room. I would wake up nightly to hearing someone walk up and down the hallway and it was my brother every time sleepwalking, so I would walk him back to the couch and lay him back down then go back to bed. After a month of this happening nightly, I woke up to the same thing and exited my room to bring him back to the couch but no one was there.  I noticed my front door, which was deadbolted when I went to bed, was wide open and I panicked, grabbed my baseball bat, and woke up my mom, and said someone might be in the house. Her room was across the hall from me so it was easy to get into and we checked out every room, the outside, and nothing! No one was there and nothing was missing.

I slipped into a bit of depression as a teen adult. I got dumped by a girl and like every teen who goes through that I was sad and home alone, so I was thinking very negatively one night about harming myself over it, which was dumb, but I turned on music and was laying in bed upset and with all this emotion in me. I started to get mad for no reason and as I shot up in my bed my lightbulb in my room exploded and scared the living hell out of me! After collecting myself, I left the house to stay outside until my family returned.

started to notice that one of my brothers would do the exact same thing if he was home alone sitting outside on the porch until we got home and I asked him about it, but just states that the house feels weird when you are by yourself and I drop it there.

Finally, the weirdest thing to happen in that house to me was one night I started hearing my brother sleepwalk, and as I approached my bedroom door this overwhelming fear hit me because  I heard different voices talking none of which were anyone in my family and I was like wtf? I looked at the ground and noticed under the door crack there was a faint light and wondered why is there a light on? I had to prep myself and talk myself up to get the courage to go out there and I throw my door open there is light. When I think about it, it was like the light from my TV glowing off the walls but then everything went black and I shut my door. I thought someone had broken in but after working up the courage to check it out, I saw that every door and window was locked and I couldn’t explain the glow or noises.

We finally moved out of this house, and my experiences stopped there until 2012.

Part 3 coming next week!

Submitted by Geoffrey Nease

Stay posted for two more installments of this submission!

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