Strange Meetings on the Edge of Reality

21 September 2021 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This last weekend I was out dowsing Earth energy lines in and around Brno. A number of very strange things happened to me – synchronicities, coincidences and so on. I made an impromptu video about it.

But the strangest thing was that I saw some very weird people and I want to see if you may have met these people on the edge of reality as well?

When dowsing, you are engage in working with the subconscious mind. Reality becomes malleable. Synchronicities and strange occurrences become a part of reality – my video should explain.

Peripheral People
The first one I encountered was an old lady. She was sitting on a fold up chair by a hedge in a very strange place – basically just outside someone’s back garden but hidden from plain view. She saw me and gave me a weird smile as I was dowsing. She kept putting her hands under the hedge as if looking for something. I walked past her and a couple of minutes later, when I returned, she was gone and there was no trace of her.

A bit later, as I dowsed in a derelict area, I saw an old gentleman. He looked a bit like an off duty Santa. He stared at me and looked shocked when I stared back. Again, he had disappeared in a matter of minutes without a trace.

I mentioned this in the video and got a couple of emails from people who had also experienced seeing strange people when dowsing or involved in some other activity that involves heightened awareness. They told me that these people are often older and have a habit of disappearing without trace.

High weirdness?

Have You Encountered Peripheral People?
This has piqued my interest. Have you encountered people like this? If so, I’d like to know.

I would put the black eyed kids, shadow people and that sort of phenomena in this bucket of liminal or peripheral entities. They seem to exist in parallel with us but in an alternate universe that only is accessible to us in times when our consciousness is raised.

If you have might you contact me and share the experience please? Email – garymvasey at gmail dot com.

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