The Bad Magician

26 October 2021 | Your True Encounters

A few years ago the captain of my magical circle brought a new trial member. I didn‘t like the guy in the first place but the others wanted to give him a chance.
One Sunday morning I was waking up because my sacral chakra was hurting. It felt like I had a surgery done and I could have sworn that somebody was threading a cord in the strength and shape of a safety belt in my belly and tighten it.
I had no clue who that was, but I was pretty sure that it had been a love spell because love spells attack the sacral chakra. Also, I knew that it had to be done by a guy I wasn‘t interested in, as I wasn‘t feeling any emotions or fantasizing about anyone. So I just cut it.
From that point on strange things started happening. Birds were passing by and were close to my windows, slowing down when they flew by as they wanted to take a look inside my apartment. Squirrels were following me when I went outside to get groceries. Once even a rat was chasing me when I took my garbage out.
I constantly had goosebumps and knew there was someone around. Being quite unafraid by paranormal experiences as I was used to them, I tried to talk to the energy that caused the goosebumps. I asked who it was, and got a „yes“ in response to every suggestion. That is common with small, negative energies, so I tried to sage it. It didn‘t make the energy go away and I realized that it had to be stronger than I first thought. So I decided to test it. I live in an apartment building and we got a huge subterranean garage. One night when I came home, I got that goosebumps again, and I asked the energy if it could make the light flicker. In that moment all the neon lights in the garage started flickering. That quite impressed me.
I decided to ignore this energy. I thought it would get bored someday and just go away. Until one of the birds died on my balcony.
I was out on my balcony having a coffee when three birds flew directly towards me. Two of them turned away in the last moment, but one of them came towards me at full speed, missed me for a few inches, pumped into the window and died.
At this moment I got mad. Magicians who can astral travel sometimes possess animals with their astral body and take control of them for periods up to several hours. I don‘t like that at all, as I think it‘s disrespectful and cruel to the animals, but I accepted to a certain degree that some magicians will do that. But when the animals are harmed, I‘m done.
I took my phone, called the captain of my circle and asked him to help me find out what the heck was going on. I was just flipping out, hysterically screaming at my phone, while starring at the dead bird that was lying on the floor of my balcony right in front of me.
He calmed me, told me that I was right and all of it was connected to the safety-belt-thick cord, what had been a love spell that didn’t work out obviously.  I didn‘t tidy up on the astral plane actually, and it was still lying on my bedroom floor where I left it. Since that I tidy up my astral garbage. In that case, it was even helpful as we could now follow it and see who was on the other side of the cord. It actually was the new guy I never liked.
I wasn‘t really involved in the rest of the story, as the captain and a second guy from my circle saved me like Mario and Luigi save princess Peach. They told me a few hours later that they had put my magic in a glass and made me invisible on the astral plane, while forming a puppet that pretended to be me as a bait. They actually caught a dead witch, calling herself „witch of the wind“. The other magician had summoned her spirit and was working with her. They put her in a glass. The ghost-witch tried to make them paint the sign of the element of earth on the glass. This is a great idea, as a witch of the wind imprisoned in a glass can be secured with the element of earth. If just not the sign for earth turns into the sign of air if you turn it upside down – that would have made it easy for a witch of the wind to escape the glass. They recognized in the last moment what the witch was trying to do, changed their mind and painted the discordant sign for earth on the glass, what can not be messed up with any other sign, no matter how you turn the glass.
We thought everything was done and relaxed.
Until the next morning. I had a dream of a witch wearing a surgical mask and having an injection needle in her hand. The moment she put the injection in my arm, I woke up screaming. My arm was paralyzed from pain. The pain would get better throughout the day, but didn‘t fully stop.
I called the captain in the afternoon and he had the exact same dream and the exact same issue with his arm. We found out that guy had a second dead witch. She called herself Pestilenzia and was a witch of disease.
We basically went through the same procedure that we had  the day before. I was princess Pesch while the two guys saved me and put the second witch in another glass. The magician was banned from our circle.
We assume that he got some more dead witches, but having lost two of them he stopped battling and we never heard of him again.
Submitted by Timna who can be found at the Vienna Voodoo Queen website

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