Succubi and Mini-Demons

07 January 2022 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Recently I had a horrendous dream. It started quite innocently being in an old bedroom of mine at my parents house talking with a few old friends. I noticed that there was a girl there that I had never seen before and she came over to me and started to whisper in my ear. Her whispers where so mumbled but also sounded like they were sped up and jumbled, so I pulled her away from me and said “I cant understand you.” As soon as I said this, she suddenly started to kiss me! But as soon as she did I knew there was something not right so I tried to pull her way from me. As I did I noticed some kind of black Smokey kind of substance between my mouth and hers. I started to freak out and It took all my force too separate us. Once we were separated I got really angry and even though I would never hit a lady under no circumstances I knew that this was no lady. I knew this must be some kind of entity, so I started to throw her around and smashing her against the walls. As I was doing this she just had a creepy smile on her face.

Once I thought I had dealt sufficiently with her I started to run and noticed two little demon type small creatures chasing me. I was terrified as I was running away and in a panic. As I got out of the house and into the garden I felt something that I assumed was one of the little creatures jump on my left shoulder and felt sharp claws dig into me at which point I woke up in a cold sweat.

This dream has troubled me as I am afraid that what I now believe to be a succubus may have stole.some of my life energy and do not know enough whether this is something that may effect my health or even my life span. I also get a lot of sleep paralysis but never the type where I see any sort of hallucinations of any beings. We’ll that’s my story and I hope I never have to live through anything like that again.

Thanks for listening.


Submitted by Gavin from Leeds

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