Weird Smoke Ring

15 June 2022 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My 9 year old son and I were standing on a fishing dock at Lake Desoto inside hot springs village, Arkansas last Friday and we paused fishing to spot some bats with my light. In real time, I heard the “ha”, felt the breeze on my right ear and beard and then saw the volleyball size smoke/fog ring with a distinct trail. After watching the video a thousand times, the smoke ring is already visible and the “ha” sound happens as it passes me. I’m looking up at the sky so this thing originated above my head and was heading down as it passed me.

There was a very light fog rolling on the surface of the water in the same direction the ring traveled. I have an overhead shot of the area where we were standing showing what was behind us and it’s just an empty cove, nothing could have been back there close enough to send this thing past my head. I have a longer video that shows the area a little better, I just cut it down to show when it appeared. One note, my light was super powerful and I was being very careful not to point it anywhere near the houses in front of me and to the right so I didn’t disturb anyone but just before this thing appeared I got the feeling that I was bothering somebody. There are no houses from behind where this thing came from.

Submitted by Tony Leal.

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