The Little Boy

04 September 2022 | Your Stories

I’ve only had two odd experiences (hat man shadow is one but that’s for another time) and this. This story is sad, but a little sweet too.

I used to pride myself on being a hard ass skeptic but this changed me. I live alone. One day I was tidying up. I felt a small hand grip mine. I looked down and there was a little boy, smiling up at me (I’m 6′) I smiled back. He slowly faded out. About 10 minutes later it happened again, standing at the same spot. I said “hello baby” Take that biological clock! He smiled even bigger. He faded again slow at first but this time it seemed to go faster till he was gone. I figured I just needed sleep. and a discussion with my uterus.

Later there was breaking news on the local station. A young boy was missing. When I saw the picture it was the same boy.. I knew he was already dead. After a day or so his mom and stepdad were arrested. His mother even posted a picture of him playing a video game and the left side of his face is one big bruise (pic was removed). When I saw him, he looked perfect. I seriously thought about contacting his biological father to tell what happened and that he looked so happy. But that poor man has been through enough without me adding some crazy into his life. The two that killed him not only tortured and abused him, but took a hammer to his face to make it harder to identify him. RIP Little boy – you are loved.  please use my nickname.

Submitted by Night Owl.

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