The Hat Man

06 September 2022 | Hat Man, Shadow people, Your True Encounters

I used to live in a big Victorian era home, that was chopped into 4 apartments. There was a tenant living in the apartment right next to mine. She was a single mother with 3 kids. She was also addicted to drugs.

After they moved in, I started waking up to the hat man shadow. He would be staring at me and usually went back to her place. I didn’t feel it was ‘evil’ but it had a very strong presence. First I thought I was having dreams, but my dog ~ she slept on the bed next to me – was very aware of him. She didn’t act scared or aggressive, but she was very alert watching him, too.

This woman was very paranoid, and sometimes would take off for weeks at a time, and her mother would have to come over to help with the kids. Whenever she was away, the hat man didn’t appear.

On the day they moved out, her mother said “Everyone thinks it’s the drugs, but THAT isn’t it” we were interrupted by another neighbour and I never got to finish the conversation. I tried to find her, because I wanted to know more, but I didn’t have any luck. Hat man never came again.

Submitted by Night Owl

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