Small Shadow Man

19 September 2022 | Shadow people, Your True Encounters

I lived in a lovely flat, on the coast of UK.

I never had any problems with paranormal things there. But one night I woke up (which isn’t odd, I wake up most nights, instantly being very awake) so I needed to use the bathroom, which was across the square landing (that was totally empty) I did what I needed to, opened the bathroom door and was reaching up to turn the bathroom light off, as I would leave to go back to my bedroom.

But this time as my arm was about to reach up, while opening the bathroom door, I saw this small shadow person, just standing there on the empty landing. Nothing was casting this shadow, as the only light was coming from the bathroom (directly at it, so it makes no sense to have a regular shadow in that area) and a small lamp lighting my bedroom up. It was cream walls and carpet, so all very clear.

It was about the size of a cat sitting upright. No features. Just very very black, not the color of a regular shadow. I had no idea what it was, what did it want, why was it here, these were my thoughts, so I shut the door to consider what to do. I must I been in there 5mins at least, maybe 10. I figured I couldn’t stay in there, so I opened the door slowly to see if it was still there. It had gone. I scanned the floor of my bedroom, to see if it was there. It wasn’t, so I ran back to the bedroom (leaving the lights on) and dived into bed. I wasn’t scared but I was shaken up or surprised to have seen something.

As Nothing paranormal had ever happened there. I must have fallen back to sleep eventually but I never saw it again.

When I moved into my current place, something was drawing on the soles of my feet, during the first or second night of living here. It woke me up. My partner was next to me in bed, so I tried to stay calm. The drawing was still going on, so I decided to fidget and turn over bringing my feet towards me. It finally stopped. It took me along time to get back to sleep.

The bedroom door didn’t open, (the doors make alot of noise and would have heard it) Plus the floor boards creek, and absolutely no noise of anyone moving. I must have been awake 30mins to an hour at least. So it definitely wasn’t the housemate. Again it hasn’t happened again but we both sleep terribly in this house. Other things have happened while living here, so the house has something here, a few things I think. They mostly happened to me.

But these are the the strangest experiences I’ve had.


Schofield179 – Reddit

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