The Place by the Lake

20 October 2022 | Your True Encounters

It was designed to be a prank. I was going to take my sister and her friend out to the place by the lake at dusk and then suggest that something wasn’t right. I just wanted to give them a bit of a scare that’s all. But it did not go to plan at all.

It was easy to get them to join me even though darkness was approaching. “It’ll be fun,”I said. It isn’t far to the lake. Just through a small copse at the bottom of our land and across a marshy field. The lake isn’t very large nor deep. But it does have a few fish and so we had a spot down there for fishing. It had a fireplace, a wood-built shelter from the rain and a seat. Nothing much.

We arrived and we sat ourselves by the lake edge under the shelter. It was already gloomy.

“Did you hear that?”I said trying to stop myself giggling.

The girls looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Listen, what IS that?”I said acting edgy and concerned.

Fear is catchy and so my Sis and her pal started to look nervous too. “Perhaps it’s not a great idea to be here at night?”My Sis said.

At that moment, there was a huge crashing noise off to our right. I looked at the girls, they looked at me wide eyed. Now I was feeling a bit weirded out. another crashing sound and the girls were on their feet.

We looked around in the gloom trying to figure out what was making the noise and there, off to the right in the gloom was, well, a dark patch. It seems strange to describe it that way but it was a patch of darkness so dark that it stood out. It was moving too, getting closer to us.

I was now scared out of my wits. What on Earth was this black thing?

There was another crashing noise but now we realised that it was a noise that It was making – it sounded like a bunch of tree branches hitting the ground yet there were no trees for several tens of meters.

The strange thing was that it had gotten cold. I could see my breath hanging in the air and I was now shaking with fear. The blackness seemed to be very close and occupied much of the space in front of me.

We turned and ran. We just ran. Tripping in marshy bits and covering ourselves in stinky muddy water. The girls screamed.

I don’t know what it was we saw out by the lake that night but my pranking days are done.


Submitted by Night Owl

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