Ten Ways to Know if Your House is Haunted

18 November 2022 | Ghosts in the news, Your True Encounters

The Daily Mirror recently carried a story that struck a chord with me….

It said that according to Barri Ghai, a paranormal investigator, there were 10 ways to tell if your home was haunted… Here they are.

  1. A feeling of being watched and a presence around you when alone

    2 – Frequent problems with electrical items including TVs, lights, cookers and other appliances

    3 – Sudden and inexplicable temperature drops, often isolated to particular areas of the property

    4 – Witnessing objects moving by themselves or noticing items going missing

    5 – Strange smells that seem to come and go, like the scent of perfume, flowers, tobacco or even rotten meat

    6 – An unknown infestation of flies or other insects may be a sign of a demonic presence

    7 – The disembodied sound of footsteps, talking, crying, laughing or furniture being moved around

    8 – Doors, windows, cupboards or curtains opening and closing by themselves

    9 – Seeing shadow figures or a fleeting glimpse of something moving in your peripheral vision

    10. Coming face to face with a full-bodied apparition or partial manifestation is a sure way to know your house may be haunted!


So – there you have it…

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