The Haunted School

17 December 2022 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A friend of mine runs a school for pre-school kids. It is located in a large 1920’s building just outside the city center that was built to strict standards of opulence by a wealthy jewish family.  Unfortunately, when the Nazi’s took over in this part of the world, the family were taken from their home and shipped off to concentration camps where apparently they unfortunately died.

Several teachers at the school have reported strange happenings. One, took her boyfriend there returning home from a night out when it was very late with the intention of sleeping on the floor. She said that after about 30 minutes, someone switched the hall light on yet the building was empty. This worried them a bit but they switched off the light and settled down on the floor again. A few minutes passed before the large door – a very heavy solid wooden door, closed with a crash followed by the sound of slow pacing footsteps down the hallway. They spent the remainder of the night awake and in terror.

Another teacher reports one of the kids pointing our a nice ghost one day and the following day, a ghost that they didnt like.

Could it be that members of the family have returned from the grave to their opulent home intent on enjoying it even now in the after life?

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